ToyRV Toy Haulers, whether 5th wheel, tow trailer or self-powered motor home designs, are a unique breed of recreational vehicle.  They are becoming increasingly popular with sales driven, in many cases, by a younger age group.  Active outdoor couples and young families are attracted to RV toy haulers for their ability to transport personal land and water craft with them.  Additionally, these vehicles can accommodate a large family and can be very affordable considering what they can deliver.

Though they may look similar to conventional fifth wheel, tow trailers or class A motor homes while they are going down the road, but once the rear ramp door is opened it becomes evident this is a different breed.  In choosing a toy hauler, whether towable or powered, there are options that are very unique to these SURV’s that you must consider.  An on-board fueling station can keep your toys ready to go and keep them rolling.  A charging port can assure your battery equipped mobile rides will start when needed.  A loading ramp that converts into an elevated patio with surround railings can increase your living space while embracing the outdoors.  A rear awning can provide shade on hot days or keep you dry during a passing summer shower.  Rear mounted L.E.D. ramp/patio lighting.

The RV toy hauler is also capable of performing other tasks.  It can be your mobile work shop at any location you wish. It can be your handy large object moving truck, like picking up that new sofa from the furniture store.  It can be a playroom for the kids on those rainy days at camp or at home.  Also, if you store your unit at home and have the fuel dispenser option, it can be your on-site fuel station to keep your lawn tractor or mover humming.  The garage can be used for general secured storage during the off-season.  There are many additional uses for such a mobile garage.

The RV toy hauler, or SURV (Sport Utility Recreational Vehicle), is a very unique RV.  You see them in use at many places like race tracks, hobby meets, sporting events, desert dry camping sites, and of course, in campgrounds throughout the country. RV toy haulers are more about what you are going to do there, not just where you are going to eat and sleep when you arrive.

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