Visit Toronto, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, the fifth largest in North America. Rich in cultural diversity, there are more than 100 languages and dialects spoken in Toronto, and a great variety of food choices as well. It sounds hard to believe, but one third of the Canadian population lives within a 100 miles radius of Toronto. While there, you can enjoy the lakefront, visit Ontario Place -96 acres of man made attractions including a great waterpark downtown-, and take a bird’s eye view from the CN tower, the tallest building in the Americas (at the time of this footage, it was still the tallest building in the world but has since been surpassed in height by the Burj Dubai). Toronto West KOA Kampground is a common selection for RVers, with large leveled sites and friendly staff to assist travelers beyond the norm.

In this video you can also catch a glimpse of a rare RV -a Rotel- which seems to have more than 20 bunk beds. These are used on tours around the world, organized by a German company, Rotel Tours. Before you sign up, take into account that travelers probably have more limited space than most of us RVers are used to …

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  1. John Jackman

    Toronto is my home town although I now live about 45 minutes east . There is a campground that is on the east border of Toronto as well as a number within a 45 minute drive north east and west. Nothing to the south as that is Lake Ontario.
    A very popular activity in July and August is to camp at the Darilington Provincial park and go fishing in the Great Salmon Derby for prizes that amount to $450,000 over the contest. Entry fee is $100 per person or $200 per family.
    We get alot of RVers from Quebec coming to stay and fish for a couple of weeks.

    There are lots of things to do all year round and one thing I would recommend is to visit The Hockey Hall of Fame which is only a short walk from Roger’s Centre (formerly Skydome) Toronto Blue Jays, and the Air Canada Centre home of Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors.
    There are a couple of great food markets to visit (St Lawerence and Kensington Markets) both of which have been around a long time.

    It’s been my home for more than 50 years and I still don’t know all the neighbourhoods and places to visit.

    Come visit and you will find it very comfortable as it is same language but with alot of other cultures readily available..