How To: RV Door Strut

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April 28, 2009

Anyone who has had a RV for an extended period of time knows that it’s going to wear out over time. This video segment shows you how to replace a gas door strut on your RV. This video will give you step by step instructions to make sure you replace the piece properly.


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  81. Hap Wilson

    Its amazing you posted this video just after I struggled to swap out my gas struts on my rear engine hatch. It seemed simple enough, but it turned out to be one of those jobs not to do alone or never before just leaving on a trip.

    The struts came with zero instructions, so that didn’t help. After adding some new words to my vocabulary I was able to reinstall one side only.. It turns out that I was sent two different struts. (one of course was to short). With the help of a broom handle to hold the hatch open I managed to install the temporary strut on the right side.

    My conclusion was… Broom handle was much easier and there are times after install that had I known it probably wasn’t so bad.

    The video you shared was very misleading about how easy this job is. The hardest part for me was pooping the spring out to disconnect the ball joint. Re-installing it was no cake walk either.

    In conclusion I’m a huge fan of your video’s, but in this case this one was weak and over simplified.

    PS. I’m not a big fan of drilling extra holes when things don’t fit properly.

  82. Dan Rambow

    Replacing the door strut was a very simple operation. But for someone who never thought about them before, a great use of that little 2 minutes 41 seconds.

    I replaced one of my struts about 1 month after getting my used Class A (along with a myriad of other little repairs). I wasn’t worried about doing it, but I am fairly handy with things. But from this video, the guy who arranged the bungee cord, might have been more worried about what was involved.

    Keep these little video’s coming, I always enjoy seeing how someone who knows what they are doing, approach these maintenance items that all RV owners will face sooner or later.

  83. Well there’s 2minutes and 41 seconds I’ll never get back; stayed tuned for next weeks episode: “How to change a light bulb”.