RV Tech Tips: Non-Sliding Hangers

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December 5, 2017

rv tech tips: non-sliding hangers

RV Tech Tips: non-sliding hangers keep clothes in place, taming the traveling-wardrobe chaos.

After every trip, we’d find our clothes lying at the bottom of the closet. To solve this problem, I purchased a 3-foot piece of 1-inch flat aluminum stock from the hardware store. I drilled 1⁄4-inch holes every 2 inches for the coat hangers to slide in.

I used three 3⁄4-inch conduit hangers to attach the new unit to the existing rod.

Wilhelm Resch, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

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  1. Anonymous

    This is how it’s done in our stateroom closets on the ship I work on. Even in sea conditions our hanging clothes stay put. Never thought about doing it to my RV. I will now.