RV.net Forum Featured Threads (Feb. 20-26)

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February 26, 2010

Here is a sampling of some of the more popular threads this past week (February 20-26, 2010) on the RV.net Open Roads Forum. Each is sure to either entertain or inform (or both):
RV.net Open Roads Forum

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  2. Joe Herbig

    Jerry, in my experience as a full-timer in a diesel pusher, it is important to start the engine once a month and run it to operating temperature. The same with the genset, diesel or gas. Run the genset at full load for 30 minutes. Full load means to turn on all heaters and air conditioners in your rig. And don’t forget to cool down the generator motor before shutting it off. Cool down is accomplished by idling for about five minutes without load.

    Hope this helps answering some of your questions.

  3. jerry

    Hi, has anybody installed a fuel/water separator on their gas mh’s?. I’ve been thinking about it because this “new” fuel just doesn’t hold up like years ago and water contamination could be a problem like in a boat. when not used regularly. I’ve used STA-BIL in the tanks of our mh,boat ,and classic Mustangs for years and this last fall I put the NEW STA-BIL in the boat to add protection against the corn gas separation. Motorhomes and boats are hard to push if they fail,plus the gas gen-set doesn’t get alot of use in many rigs either….. I’d like to hear some thoughts……………Thanks,Jerry