There Is Magic In This Shower Head

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August 29, 2009

So how do you really like showering in your RV?  Even when using a city water connection without a regulator, a shower can still result in a less than a “pressure-packed” experience. Low water pressure from the shower head is most often caused by the poor design used by most RV manufacturers, save for the high end luxury models. For some reason, they all come with this tiny little hole inside the shower head which is supposed to help save you some water. Well, they definitely do but as a consequence, you can barely rinse the soap out of your hair!

You could try and modify the standard shower head to remove the restriction and that can help. But there is another way to magically increase the output pressure of your shower head. Replace it with an Oxygenics Body Spa shower wand. The shower head uses a venturi effect to raise the pressure output  and provide you with a much nicer showering experience. This mod is so easy that you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Just unscrew the standard shower head and screw the magic one on.

The output is also adjustable, providing a low pressure trickle to a full blown high pressure spray. At the base of the wand is a circular adjuster you simply twist. The only drawback of this mod is that you lose the ability to completely shut off the water supply. The standard shower head allows you to almost stop the water flow using a valve on the back of the head. This feature doesn’t exist on the magic wand. So you might consider adding a ball valve in between the wand and the water supply hose.

For pictures and resources for doing the magic wand shower head mod, head on over to and have  look at this article:

Happy modding!

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  4. Angela

    we have had one for two years bought it at a RV rally we use a wash cloth to turn it on and off WE LOVE IT we do a lot of dry camping and it extends our water from 4 days to 7 days its great Angela

  5. Don Deppen

    Sounds like a great idea where pressure is a problem. One item I like to see motorhome manuf. install is a good shower mixing valve such as a single lever type. It’s either I get burned by too hot water or chilled with too cold water and halfway thru the shower it’ll be just right.. My guess is the quarter mill. coach manuf. install such a valve but this working stiff gets by with the lower cost coach. I’ll grin and bear it for now. Burr

  6. As my wife said, “This is the best accessory you’ve gotten in a long time!” We love this shower head. As for the on/off button – you can get one at any home improvement store and simply add it to the bottom of the head. With or without the twist type on/off that come with the shower head. We like the one that comes with it. Had it both ways…

  7. Doreen Sherwood

    We buy a lot of stuff at Camping World as we’ve set up two motorhomes in the past five years. Generally their stuff is meets our requirements but after buying an Oxygenics Showerhead we found their BIG fault–they do not accept refunds after you open the bullet proof plastic to try something out. We tried the Oxygenics head for several showers and found it to be **NO better than the shower head that had been put in our motorhome by the manufacturer.” In fact, we took it out and gave it to Good Will! Hopefully someone will like it, especially if they pay ten cents for it instead of $30 when on sale!!

  8. Glen

    I would expect this shower head to have an on/off button as Tom S. suggests. I certainly wouldn’t spend the money for one without that feature. Tom, maybe you need to contact the factory and complain!

  9. Agreed. We used to be pretty satisfied with our old unit – praising ourselves on saving water and getting in and out quick. This gadget has changed everything. Highly recommended!

  10. Tom S.

    We like the shower head, but it would be great if it had the option to push a button and turn off the flow completly. When we twist the water adjustment to a trickle it goes to pure cold. Even with these minor things we like it and do reccommend it.

  11. Drew

    I echo all the comments made by the posters here. This product lived up to all my expectations- great job by the company!

  12. Johnny G...AKA The NYC Castaway

    With our new shower head, we’ve increased the shower time our 6 gallon water heater from a 7 minute hot water shower to 12 minute hot water shower. This shower head really does work well. Spend the extra money on it and you won’t be disapointed.

  13. Jim G

    We’ve become enthusiastic users of this device, since April ’09. The shower head provides a decent flow of hot water while saving precious water resources. Money well spent!!

  14. sue purdy

    We love them so much, we have them in the house and RV. Amazing water pressure and reasonably priced and great to clean showers.

  15. Jrerry Shea

    Yes, that shower head is one of the best things I purchased for our coach. Uses less water, but you get a much better wash/rinse when you shower. Even in a low water pressure area it still works great.

  16. We love the Oxygenics shower head. This really works as described.