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RV fuel savings — seeking relief on the road.

rv fuel savings

Photo: Moodboard/Getty Images/moodboard RF

The temperatures soared through most of the country as June slipped into July. So did fuel prices, and the rising costs can make a big dent in your RVing budget.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to ease this pain. We’re all pretty familiar with the basic actions of driving to conserve fuel: drive slower, accelerate at a moderate rate, take advantage of coasting, reduce idle time, etc. In previous blog posts, we explored Hidden Factors, the Human Factor, Fuel Wasters and Fuel and the Environment.

RV Fuel Cost Cutters

But how do we lower the cost we pay per gallon for gasoline or diesel? Well, here are 7 tips for your fuel budget.

  • Refuel at Pilot Flying J locations across North America. Good Sam Club members get an instant 5 cents per gallon discount on gas and 8 cents per gallon off on diesel fuel.
  • Surf the Internet for the best prices in the regions you’ll be visiting. Particular attention should be taken if crossing state or provincial borders. There may be substantial retail price differences from one to another, especially in applicable taxes.
  • Use the Good Sam Visa Card, which offers Rewards Points at any gas station across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Refill your propane tank at Camping World, where your Good Sam Membership will get you a 15% discount on purchases of 40 gallons or more.
  • Consider paying cash at service stations offering reduced prices for such purchases.
  • Favor fuel vendors that offer low to zero biodiesel fuels. Biodiesel fuel produces less Btu’s per gallon than non-biodiesel. As the bio content rises the Btu reduces, resulting in more fuel needed to do the same work.
  • Do not top your fuel tank when the fill pump stops, indicating it is full. That air space left will assure you lose no fuel via the overflow.

I hope these thoughts help in keeping you going at a reasonable cost. Either way, we’re going to enjoy this season one way or another.

Peter Mercer — With a View of the Fuel Pump Price

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  1. Peter Mercer

    Great points! Both the tire pressures and the savings of reducing speed I had thought as two more of the common knowledge. I could, and perhaps should, have included them in the short list of what we assume. Thank you for specifically bringing these up as they certain do contribute to helping the reduction of fuel use.

  2. Anonymous

    You could have also mentioned maintaining the proper air pressure in the tires of the tow vehicle as well as the trailer, or the motor home. You should also suggest slowing down by 5 mph. This is safe if the traffic is not heavy.

  3. Peter Mercer

    Great! Using the internet on sites, like Gas Buddy, can help you find lower cost fuel. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  4. I use the “Gas Buddy” phone app to find the lowest nearby gas price.