Renting an RV – Bernice’s Tips

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December 17, 2008

Renting an RV is a great option for many families who are interested in the idea of RVing, but who aren’t sure what type best suits their needs, or for those who travel by RV only a couple of times a year and therefore don’t wish for the responsibility of payments, insurance, or maintenance of an RV. Renting is also a great option for American and Canadian RVers who’d like to travel in Europe. And now is a great time for renting an RV as many RV dealerships are beginning to rent their unsold inventory at very reasonable rates.

  • When you rent an RV, make sure you fully understand how everything works. (Before our customers leave with their RVs, we do a walk around and walk through.) You should know how to use the stove, toilet, and shower, what to do when the pilot light on the water heater goes out, how to read the gauges, and how to dump. – Paul LeClair, Bates Motor Home Rentals of Rapid City, Black Hawk, SD
  • In this area (where there are 2,000 campsites nearby), a lot of people don’t want to own a travel trailer but prefer to rent one. That way, they don’t have to worry about storage or maintenance. I don’t let customers leave until I go over the travel trailer front to rear—awning, microwave, stereo, VCR, every inch—even if they are in a hurry. – Carl Rochelle, Diamond Lakes RV Rentals and Sales Co., Hot Springs, AR

Have any of you ever rented an RV? Please share via the comments some of your tips for RV Rentals so we can benefit from the collective intelligence of this community!

Enjoy your RVing!

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  1. Sandy Booth

    Good post! My family rented a RV a few years ago. It was a lot of fun, but the tips above are excellent. When my dad and husband went to pick up the RV it was raining. The salesperson did not take the time to show them how things worked, much less do a walk around. We had owned a travel trailer before, so luckily we were familar with most of what we needed to know. A major problem did occur in Taos though. I was sitting next to the motorhome and noticed the tire. It had absolutely NO tread. There was no way that tire was going to make it back to San Antonio. I told my husband about this – he said he had noticed it earlier but had not said anything. Well, in northeast New Mexico, on a very narrow, windy road – the tire blew out. As soon as I heard that I knew exactly what it was. We had not been advised of what to do in this situation. We searched through the paperwork. We had to call the dealership and they had to dispatch a truck. This was not easy as our cell phones were very patchy in that area. Anyway it made for a really long afternoon in the hot August weather. If I ever rent again, I will definitely take the time to check everything out, make sure I know their policies, etc.

  2. Wayne Moore

    Yes Bernice, renting is a great option if you are only using it for a short period of time and not driving any great distance. If you are driving a long way mileage charges add up so read the fine print so you know how many free miles you get each day and the charges afterwards.. I am speaking from experience as an owner who several years ago rented our RV out for 3 years. It was fairly profitable and we were fortunate to have had only minor damage on a couple of occasion. We used the Class C 31′ during the winter for our escape from the Canadian winter and rented it out most of the summer when we didn’t need it.. I would suggest that unless you were on a fly a long distance and rent an RV trip for a short time it would be less expensive to buy a trailer if you have access to an SUV or pick-up. A rental could easily add up to $5000 for a couple weeks and at todays discount trailer or used motorhome prices it could go a good way towards a purchase. If you are travelling with another couple, who you know you can be at close quarters with, rental of an RV would be more economical unless you are a bargain hunter for discount motels.

    Lower fuel prices now will also help. Rental Co’s make $ on renting you everything you need for the trip so take as much stuff with you that you can or buy things like bed coverings, etc. cheap at discount stores and give them away afterwards to thrift shops. There are LOTS of things to consider!

    Looking forward to being in CA and AZ TTN campgrounds this winter!

    Good luck,

  3. Hi , Bernice if you live in California, is a great place to find an RV to rent. Fun RV Rentals is an affordable online classifieds system that brings together RV renters and owners. You can find private RVs in your area to rent. This service is free for all RV renters. RV Owners
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  4. DAN

    we rented 2 gas class c 24 ft mohos on a mitsubishi 2.4l chassis from newmans in new zealand. people are very friendly. watch out for the one lane bridges and sheep on the road. right hand drive, driving in the left lane and shifting with the left hand take some getting used to. no automatic transmissions here.
    we had a very good experience on the north island, not so good on the south island. we had one week on each island.
    on the south island, the tires were so badly out of balance i had to take it back and exchange the moho. on the replacement, the coach battery was bad, i had to keep jumping from the house batteries with a coat hanger. it would start sometimes except the first time every day. the propane furnace malfunctioned all the time. it would heat to the thermostat setting and then not start again. the same with the water heater. the shower drain was open to the ground and sucked in exhaust fumes until i got a plug for it.
    gas is REALLY expensive in n.z. the gas tank only holds 10 gal. one got 9.7 mpg and the other 10.1 mpg. we had to fill up every 85-90 miles. this was not a problem on the north island, but open gas stations are scarce on the south island especially on weekends. there are a lot of caravan parks very reasonable priced on both islands. we parked several nights on the beach and in supermarket or gas station parking lots when we were not near a caravan park or were low on gas.
    we drove about 1000 miles on each island.
    if you go to n.z or australia, get a diesel moho. diesel is about half the price of gas.

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