Pop Up Campers, Still a Great Choice in Affordable RV’s

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February 4, 2015

Pop UpPop up campers, still a great choice in affordable RV’s.   While it is reported that 8.5% of U.S. households own some form of recreational vehicle, 0.5% account for towable pop ups.  Though selling less than when their sales peaked in 1998, they continue to be popular primarily driven by their relatively affordable price and their unique advantages.  Let’s look at some of the key features that pop up trailers deliver.



  • Can be towed by many types of vehicles, including some front wheel drive autos.
  • Light weight and low wind resistant is easy on the fuel bill.
  • Easy to handle without blocking your rear view.
  • Accommodates easy storage without being an eyesore.
  • For an RV, very reasonably inexpensive to insure.
  • A wide variety of amenities available.
  • A wide scope of affordable costs.

They still offer that feeling of camping as they require some set up and pack up at the campsite.  However, stepping into one has no comparison to a tent-like atmosphere.  Larger than thought floorplans, refrigerators, stoves and a commode are just a few of the amenities found in some.  The elevated living quarters, as opposed to ground tenting, allows for more comfort in colder climates and thereby can extend the normal camping season.

The pop up trailer camper can be your primary RV or a great add on to the one you already have.  Yes, it can be an add-on to your existing motorhome.  When your motorhome starts to become too small for your growing children and unable to have their friend tag along for the weekend, the pop up might fit the bill.   Instead of trading your motorhome up to something larger, consider buying a basic pop up camper.  This configuration can provide all the normal daytime camping activities, plus plenty of room for the kids and friends to sleep in the towed unit.  This might not only be much cheaper than trading up your coach, but may very well be more fun for the family, not to mention more privacy for Mom and Dad.  Then just sit back and enjoy.

So, if you are still camping in a conventional tent, and considering moving up, check out what these versatile campers offer.  The sizes and what you can get in them, may just surprise you.

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