Pet Boarding at Campsites

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September 8, 2008

One of our visitors mentioned that when visiting the Grand Canyon recently, she was surprised to find that the campsite in which they stayed had animal boarding. She said that it was very clean, had good rates and made it possible for them to go on a train ride that was offered. Does anyone know of other campsite listings that have onsite pet boarding? They thought it was a great idea instead of having to keep their dogs in the RV. They wouldn’t have been able to go on the train ride if the campsite didn’t offer that service.

Let us hear of any other campsites you’ve visited or know of that provides onsite pet boarding!

Happy Pet Travels!

Tom James

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  453. Donna Geurin

    We have been married for 44 years and have never left our pets behind except when we went overseas to visit our son. Our mini schnauzer is well trained and we plan our trips around her, she is a member of the family. Great traveler. We are in OK and travel to Montana to see our son and Canada. We stay at St. Mary KOA, St Mary, MT and they offer dog sitting and walking.

  454. We always take our 2 dogs with us in the motorhome. We’d miss them too much if we left them behind. They stay fine in the motorhome, although we do lock them in the bathroom so they can’t jump up on the dash & cause trouble. We found that when they’re locked in the bathroom, since they can’t see out,, they do NOT bark. The only downside of traveling with your dog is that you do have to limit your hours away from the RV to what your dog can handle, potty-wise. But to us that’s a minor inconvenience, compared to the thought of leaving our “best friends” behind.

  455. Ft. Wilderness at Disney World has kennels.

  456. Bob Groves

    We travel with 2 miniture Dachshunds. We just returned from a 7,000 mile trip. We have kennel trained our dogs so when we go sightseeing we leave them in their kennels in the camper. We had a wonderful time and met lots of other pet owners. One thing about having a pet with you is that it’s an ice breaker. People like to talk about the dogs.. We live in Washington state and we’re heading to Florida for the winter WITH OUR PETS!

  457. It seems that most RVers have at least one pet with them and it only makes sense for a campground to offer the service. I’m trying to convince my husband to leave our dog at home with the people who will be house-sitting for us while we are in Ariz. for the winter. This is our first extended trip. Can anyone who travels with a dog ( our dog is about 60 lbs.) give us some suggestions? I’m concerned about sightseeing and he’s concerned about leaving her in the camper. HELP! We keep going round and round. Lou

  458. Jack and Nancy

    There are some kennels at the Cabela’s in Hamburg, Pa. This store is the biggest on the East coast, if not the country. The kennels are out in the open, but there is a cover over them. There are also some horse stalls. You can spend the night in their lot, too. Nice place to visit if you like to see hundreds of mounted animals of all kinds from around the world. Not my (Nancy’s) cup of tea, rather they be alive, but all kinds of hunting stuff, beautiful furniture, restautant and much more.

  459. Bob Groves

    We stayed at a campground in Gardiner, Montana (I don’t remember the name)near the north entrance to Yellowstone. They offered a pet service. They would feed your pet, take it for a walk a couple of times a day as per your schedule. Your pet was left in your camper and they would come to it. The cost was (I think) a modest $5.00 per pet.