Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: “Ode to a Salesrep: Here’s to the Good Ones.”

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February 17, 2011

Super Hero RV Salesman!

No. This is not a joke. It really is an ode. Last week I wrote about RV salesreps who drag you to the dark side using aggression and deception as their snares.  Note :  Hey, it’s the 21st century. Most buyers know the “What would it take to get you in this coach today?” line. It doesn’t work on those of us with a little gray matter still intact.

But, now it’s time to acknowledge the good ones: the ones we buy from more than once; the ones we send our friends to; the ones to whom we send an occasional campsite post card . Yes, the ones who understand that steering us toward the right RV (as in one we can truly afford and meets our needs)  also provides them with good income and great referrals.

I’d like to demonstrate that truth in action:  Reinita from Michigan said I can quote her:

“We had a really good experience at a Camping World in northern Michigan last summer. The salesman listened to us and pointed out some options that met our needs. He was friendly and helpful. He left us alone when we wanted to talk, and even let us use his office computer to look up comparable units. We found one about $1,000 cheaper and he matched the price.
Better yet, he gave us his cell phone number and patiently answered our myriad of questions even after our purchase, as we were complete newbies…If we do end up buying a 5th wheeler will probably go back to the same salesman.”

I’m guessing Reinita will more than “probably” go back to the same salesman. I hope she does. She offered more details upon request:

“We bought from the CW of Northern Michigan in Houghton Lake.
I should note that we are strong believers of supporting businesses with quality customer service. We’ve bought eight vehicles from one Dodge dealership in our town of Lansing, Michigan, over the years because they’ve treated us fairly. And we’ve certainly sent our share of other buyers their way.”

I’m betting there are many patient, unassuming, honest RV sales reps out there. I’d love to hear about your terrific RV sales reps. Maybe it’s time to start our own endorsement of excellence in this industry. Let me know names and locations, if you’d like to commend your sales rep. I think the good ones deserve it! Don’t you?

“Ode to a RV Sales Rep; Here’s to the Good Ones”

Patti Faustini

Here’s to the good ones,

we know there are many,

Here’s to good listeners,

RV needs are plenty,

Let’s reward honesty and patience

with  purchase and proclamation,

for here’s to the good ones,

they help us vacation!

Happy Tales, and please write back and tell me about “the good ones!”


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  1. Patti Faustini

    Hi Reina, the fact that you are even asking the questions you are asking shows you will be an awesome RV sales rep! I’d like to give your questions some more thought, and get back to you on this. My husband and I had a terrific experience today with a shop that detailed a “toad” we bought for our RV,and that experience made me think of you, because these guys were so great. I’ll write a bit later and tell you about what excellence looks like to customers. It looks like the guys at the Bumper to Bumper shop in Kalispell, Montana. And I have a feeling it will look like you.

    Thanks so much for writing, and
    Happy tales to you and yours,


  2. Hi Reina~

    Thanks for the comment. I think you ask a great question of our RVers and it shows that you are interested in what THEY need.
    Keep reading the blog to see what other RVers are saying about what they looking to buy.

  3. Reina Cornejo

    Hi 🙂
    I’m new to the RV Industry, and am a Sales Rep at Giant RV in Montclair, CA.
    I believe in being honest, and fitting the needs of my Customers.

    Any feedback for a newbie? Sold my first one last week on Cinco de Mayo.
    It was in their price point, fit there sleeping needs, they liked the floor plan
    and it was a pleausure serving them.

    Look forward to any advice.

    Kindes Regards,
    Reina C
    Giant RV-Montclair CA

  4. Patti Faustini

    Hey Everyone, I’m working on a blog about Gina and Wendy, two RV reps that Yvonne and Ronald herald as “The Good One’s!”

    So, here’s to the good ones! I should have that blog ready in a couple of days. I hope you check back so we can all honor excellence in the industry. Oh…and it’s not too late to send me names of RV reps you deem among “The Good One’s!”

    Happy Tales to you and yours,

  5. Yvonne

    Patti- Feel free to mention Gina- I emailed her your “ode” and she was thrilled.

  6. Patti Faustini

    Thank you, Ronald, and if you’re in the mood, please ask your friends if they have had a great RV rep!
    Happy Tales to you and yours,

  7. Patti – Feel free to use any contents of my post.

    Keep up the great stories and posts.

    Ronald K.

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  9. Patti Faustini

    Hi there, Ronald. It’s great hearing from you, and Wendy sounds, for sure, like “one of the good ones!” Do I have our permisson to mention Wendy when I write more on this topic?
    Thank you, and
    Happy Tales,


  10. We purchased our 5th wheel from Wendy at International RV in Bay City, MI. She was awesome and even offered to drive us to another dealer lot to look at a model she did not have in stock. She really worked hard to get us the best deal and with that has came great service. Jamie in parts and service is also awesome.

  11. Patti Faustini

    Thanks so much, Yvonne. I’m thinking of putting together something to commend the names of “the good ones” I get comments about . Do I have your permission to mention Gina?

    Happy Tales, and it’s awesome hearing from you.


  12. Yvonne

    We love Gina at Van and RV Sales in Rocky Mount, NC. We’ve driven 2 hours on two different occassions to buy from her. She listens to us and is helpful in every way.