Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Important Correction RE: RV Limit at Fish Creek Campground, Glacier National Park

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May 30, 2011

Photo of Patti looking for mud to put on her face...

Thank you to Woodall’s reader, Robert, who pointed out I had written the RV limit incorrectly for Fish Creek Campground, in Glacier National Park, Montana, in my recent blog. Robert has reservations there, and I think I caused him acute distress. And I’m really sorry.

In fact, Fish Creek Campground, Glacier National Park has  18 sites with 35 foot limits, in addition to several other sites with lower limits.

Thank you, Robert, and I hope this sets things straight. Have a wonderful, wonderful time in Glacier National Park this summer.

Happy Tales,


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  1. Patti Faustini

    Yea, Butterbean..I am Woman, Hear Me Roar…even when I’m wrong! Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them, and I hope you have a wonderful summer, as well. And…I’m so glad you enjoyed my “eating crow!”

    Happy tales to you and yours,


  2. butterbean carpenter

    Howdy Patti,
    You’re forgiven a faux pas just because you were WOMAN enuff to admit it !!! I went to the NP site the
    other day and wondered if you had put in ‘old’ info.. Knowing you I should have known you’d checked everything out before printing it… Enjoy ALL of your articles, including ‘crow’ ones….

    Please, have a wonderful summer and miss all of the trees!!

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes !!!!!!!