“Where Can I Park My RV?”

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June 22, 2011

Good Sam Parking Rights Manual

As Good Sam members, we understand the excitement and adventure of the RV lifestyle that gives us the freedom to explore America’s roads and attractions. However, when we are not pursuing our passion for travel, we must find a place to park our RVs. From rural communities to urban areas, there can be restrictions on where RVs must be parked when not in use.

The Good Sam Club has been actively involved in this issue for more than 30 years, and has produced the Good Sam Parking Rights Manual. This checklist includes case studies of ordinances that were resolved both successfully and unsuccessfully.

The Good Sam Parking Rights Council consists of 5 Good Sam members who have had experience dealing with anti-RV ordinances. In addition to providing competent advice and recommendations, the council can also help mobilize Good Sam members in your area to attend city council meetings and provide the RVers’ side of the story. They can also provide members with the Club’s RV Parking Rights Manual.

Current council members are: Chairman, Terry Minger, Tom Mauer, Jack Olney, Barry Larkin and Jean Goossen.

You can email the Parking Rights Council at [email protected] or call 800-880-0440.


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  1. Susan Frame

    I just wanted to commend the Boise/Meridian Idaho KOA campground and their employee, Kim, for the outstanding effort they made to literally FIX our pickup, injured in an accident in American Falls earlier in the day. I was trying to rig a way to get us the 4,000 miles left before home when Kim found a friend, after dark, who had the wherewithall to repair our grill and headlights. Kudoes!!! Susan Frame, Fair Grove, Missouri