Oprah’s Trip to Yosemite

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October 29, 2010

Fun stuff! Oprah Winfrey will air today, Friday October 29 on her TV show the first of a two-part episode on her RV camping trip to Yosemite National Park. Part 2 will air on Monday, November 1st.

Winfrey visited the park with Gyle King, bets friend since their early 20s and currently an editor of O, the Oprah Magazine.

If you see the show, let us know what you think.

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  1. M. Rodriguez

    I saw the first episode and thoroughly enjoyed it. The scene where they are picking out their camping supplies was wonderful. It showed how differently new campers approach the initial shopping you need to do to get started. Some campers gravitate toward the visually pleasing while others take their advice from the experts. I think we all tend to do a little of both.
    I’m sure many new campers identified with Oprah running over the rock. You have to watch those pivot points.
    The set-up scene depicted what really happens. It always seems easy when the experts walk you through the set-up. It is another story when you have to accomplish it for yourself. While Oprah and Gayle had their production crew to help in a pinch, the rest of us normally reach out to a fellow camper, and as the show so eloquently put it, “campers are friendly people”. I’m looking forward to the next episode.