On the Trail…North to Alaska

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May 23, 2008

Mount Hunter, Denali National Park

This will be the last post under the heading of On the Trail for the next several months. The reason being is that I am driving west and north from my son’s house in eastern Virginia and heading for Alaska, my 36th trip on the Alaska Highway. From now on, the posts will be headed “North to Alaska” and you can follow along as we load upand head out.

Actually, I’ll be alone for the first thousand miles or so, except for Little Bit, my 4.6-pound yapping hairball. My wife, Jennifer, is in Alaska right now and won’t be able to join me until I get to the Midwest.

We’re going to be quite a long time en route on this trip as we have a couple of stops to make along the way. I have magazine assignments in both Indiana and Wisconsin, a conference to attend in Bismark, North Dakota, and a family reunion in Washington at the end of June. We will, though, be operating primarily from the information provided in my book, Guide to the Alaska Highway, released last month by Menasha Ridge Press, and will likely refer to it frequently along the way, both in this series of blogs and for our own personal reminders while heading down the road. Contact me at [email protected] if you want more information about the book, the most up-to-date Alaska Highway guide available.

Departure from Yorktown, Virginia, is tentatively set for Tuesday, May 27, to give the RV parks a chance to clear out some since the big Memorial Day weekend rush, which seemingly has every park with 300 miles full to bursting. Even in the face of $4 a gallon gas, I’m still as excited this time as I was when I first drove the Alaska Highway in 1972. It is going to be a great trip.

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