On the Trail…in Hells Canyon

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March 27, 2008

Hells Canyon jet boat

Of all the excursion boats you can take, a day-long tour of Hells Canyon on the Oregon-Idaho border is the one you are least likely to forget. These are twin-engined, 800-hp jet boats that literally beat class V whitewater into submission. A Hells Canyon Tour is a thrilling ride through some of the most spectacular scenery in North America.

Bighorn ram in Hells Canyon

My wife Jennifer, my 82-year-old mother Betty and I chose to ride with Snake Dancer Charters out of Clarkston, Washington, on the north side of the canyon. Part of the reason was the great RV park co-located with the marina. All we had to do was walk a hundred yards or so from our rig to the boat to get started.

Throughout the day we saw bighorn sheep, deer, raptors and other wildlife, literally hundreds of animals. We never did see the critter for which the Snake River is name, though. Between the scenery and the wildlife, you just gotta’ ride this boat if you find yourself out West.

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