We are currently in Branson, Missouri attending the RV-Dreams rally. This is a very computer intensive group because they all got to know each other through the RV-Dreams website and forums. They’ve been chatting with each other online for a year or so, now they get to meet face-to-face and party! So, what do they do? Sit down at a table and get online to the chatroom! Actually, some of these ladies are learning to use the chatroom by joining this impromptu class.

RV-Dreams.com members at the rally get online in the chatroom

For the last two days, we taught a Computer Boot Camp pre-rally. One of the things we taught is a real quick tip that I thought I’d pass along to the RV.net readers.

By far the majority of computers used by RVers are laptops. Users of laptops have a love/hate relationship with the touchpads that perform the functions of a mouse. If you hate it, it’s probably because the mouse pointer on the screen jumps to unpredictable locations because you touched the pad and you didn’t mean to. You may use an external, USB or wireless mouse so you don’t have to use the touchpad. If this describes you, please watch the video below which will show you how you can customize, or even completely disable, that pesky touchpad. Some computers have a button above the touchpad that will turn it off and on, but most do not.

Chris Guld

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  2. Marty Hill

    The articles by Chris Guld were very beneficial, especially the video on Picasa and using this for photo storage as well as e-mailing photos. She really helped this novice….I’ll be waiting for more “geek” articles by her AND her husband….Keep it up.