No Sway Hitch for Any Size Trailer

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May 1, 2010

Hensley Mfg. Cub Butte If you call Hensley Mfg. and ask about a sway control hitch, you’ll be told that Hensley is not interested in controlling trailer sway. They are interested in eliminating trailer sway.

And that’s precisely what they do. All other sway control devices on the market use friction to control, or dampen, trailer sway. The unique linkage design of the Hensley Arrow and Cub makes it impossible for the trailer to sway. Because there is no friction involved, the tow vehicle maintains complete control, while side forces like wind or passing trucks have no effect on the trailer.

While Hensley products are the most costly on the market, they are also the only ones with a perfect safety record.

“We’re not selling a hitch,” says Colin Connell, President of Hensley Mfg. “We’re selling a level of safety you can’t find anywhere else. It’s about priorities. Our priority is keeping you and your family safe. When I started this company 16 years ago, I was just another RVer looking for a better answer. When I found it, I wanted everyone to have the same sense of security I’d discovered.”

After starting Hensley Mfg., named to honor the inventor of the “converging linkage system” used in the hitch, Colin Connell set about making over 10,000 new friends, all RVers who’s rediscovered their love of travel, thanks to the Hensley Arrow. “It’s funny,” says Connell, “people call here to thank Mr. Hensley for saving their lives. But Jim Hensley never actually worked for the company or any hitch company. Maybe I should just change my name to make it easier.”

The Cub is designed for light trailers. It’s available in three models for trailers up to 18 feet, 20 feet, and 24 feet. The Arrow is rated for larger trailers up to 14,000lbs. Both come with a 60-day money back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

Hensley Mfg. also offers “package deals.” They make the TruControl brake controller, McKesh portable towing mirrors, and other accessories. When you buy a package of products, you save several hundred dollars off your purchase.

Call Hensley Mfg. at 1-800-410-6580 and request the free video and information package. You can also visit them online at

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  2. Jim Clarke

    I’ve had a Hensley on my 34 Ft. Airstream since 2003. We have camped from upstate New York through Alaska and back, down to New Orleans and many times to OBX. The Hensley is expensive, and a pain in the butt to hook up sometimes, but it does what the Company claims. Only problem I have experienced was the connecting bar snapped when backing into a site.(fortunately). Seems there was a flaw in the bar that had not been detected. They did replace it- no cost.

  3. Krystal

    Tow a 27′ Airstream with our Hensley. Ad or no ad, we find everyone word of it to be true IN OUR EXPERIENCE. To boot, the customer service is unbelievable. LIve people who know their products intimately.

  4. Richard Williams

    While I agree with Gary that these blog posts are nothing more than infomercials for Hensley, he clearly doesn’t understand hitches. The Equalizer isn’t even in the same ballpark as the Hensley, ProPride or Pull-Rite hitches. The only advancement in hitches has been from ProPride and that is just an upgraded version of the Hensley.

    It’s obvious he hasn’t ever used one but comments on the maintenance and weight. There is more to lift with an Equalizer hitch than a Hensley.

    The stability with the pivot point of the trailer forward of the hitch ball is light years ahead of applying friction force against the rotation of the trailer on the hitch ball. It doesn’t even make sense that friction would be able to control a trailer of any weight. That’s just a physical fact regardless of hitch brand.

  5. Gary Mellinger

    What can I say, Heavy, difficult to hitch up, a maintenance nightmare, complicated, extremely expensive. What if you could tow, without sway, minimal maintenance, less than half the weight, and a whole lot easier to hitch up. And save about 1/3 rd the cost. It’s a dinosaur folks. New R & D has created new hitches.
    We’ve towed 60K miles towing a 27′ trailer with a 1/2 ton Avalanche using a Equal-i-zer. Never a bit of sway, even in the windiest of canyons and 2 lane roads passing semi trailers head on. Check it out We love ours, and are so glad that we don’t have one of these beasts hanging on the tongue of our trailer. No affiliation to Equal-i-zer, just one happy customer.

    Also, I wasn’t real happy when a Hensley Company writer submitted an article to this blog under the guise of attempting to help campers with various problems, then he goes on and finished the last half of the article with an infomercial about Hensley hitches. If it’s going to be a commercial, lets keep it a commercial, not a help article, then pitch your hitch products.

  6. Bob Thomas

    Good point, Frank. I was told that Reese actually had the design before Hensley Mfg. ever had it and decided to not manufacture it. One can only wonder why they did not bring it to the market.

    I’m glad ProPride came on the market too. I paid a lot less and my trailer is as solid as I could hope for in all types of conditions. I’ve towed my 34′ Airstream for almost two years with it in high winds and heavy traffic and never had a hint of sway.

  7. Frank Howard

    It is great that ProPride has come on to the market with a product that is competitive with the Hensley. The question is: when are there going to be more?
    When the ProPride came on the market the price for this type of hitch dropped by
    a $1000. One can only imagine what the price would be if a third or a forth competitor came into the market.

  8. Gerald Figueroa

    I installed a Hensley Hitch two years ago and swear by the “No sway” claim by the manufacturer. When towing our 27 foot travel trailer on interstates where double semi-trailers pass at 75 to 80 MPH we literally don’t feel any sway effect at all. We’ve also traveled over many high and switchbacked mountain passes here in the Rocky Mountains whereby the Hensley Hitch keeps the trailer straight in-line with the truck. While at first apprehensive due to it’s high cost, we are sold and convinced that there is no other hitch to own for towing safety and comfort. We often thought of towing a 5th wheel for better stability and safety, but, we now think the Hensley Hitch may even be safer than a 5th wheel (just our experienced opinion).

  9. Bob Thomas

    This blog post, advertisement is more correct, is factually wrong. I have a ProPride hitch and it DOES NOT use friction to eliminate trailer sway. This ad states that the Hensley is the only trailer hitch that does that. I would think that would require factual information to be posted. It’s also funny that this ad states Jim Hensley invented the hitch right after stating that it is the only hitch that does not use friction. He invented the ProPride hitch too.

    My conclusion is that this is just more Hensley Hyperbole.