No More Free Dumping at Flying J

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October 11, 2010

Free dumping at Flying J is no more. To continue providing waste dump station services at Flying J, the company has instituted a $10 fee to customers using this service. The company claims that this charge has become necessary to cover the increasing costs of offering this amenity.

These additional fees include:

  • Maintenance — escalating expenses associated with normal usage and the misuse and abuse of waste dump stations
  • Municipalities — rising costs from local sewer treatment service providers
  • Regulatory — increasing expenditures linked to stringent corporate responsibilities

For members of Flying J’s Frequent Fueler and RV Real Value clubs, a $5 dump station coupon will be added to their card, based on fuel purchases. The club member must present their card to the cashier at the point of purchase to receive the discount.

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  1. John – we sorry about this unfortunate experience. Some Pilot Flying J travel centers are privately owned and therefore do not honor the discount. To view the most up-to-date list of PFJ locations that accept the Good Sam discount, please visit Note, you will need to log into your online Good Sam Club account to view the locations. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  2. John McGowan

    I “jumped through hoops” to get RV Plus card from PILOT/Flying J, and was aware that free dumps were not available any more.. I was surprised and disappointed, however, to try and use card for the discounted rate at Pilot Center in Sacramento June 10, and be told card wasn’t worth any discount, and I’d need to pay full price of $12.00.. Seems pretty worthless.. And as added frustration, they seem to resist staffing store registers, and had to wait in line for 15 minutes (entered as # 10 in single line at only open register at 3 PM on busy Sunday afternoon..) to be told card didn’t make any difference…

    FWIW local Chevron Station 15 miles away offered free dump and thanked me for buying two bags of ice when traveling the other direction on June 8th..

    Not sure this Good Sam benefit is worth the hassle..

  3. DXB, we certainly apologize for you not receiving your cards. This is not acceptable on our part and assure you we will do everything we can to get your cards to you as soon as possible. Please email [email protected] along with your member information, and we will check into this right away.

  4. D X B

    been lured into Camping World big Flying J / Good sam –but they didn’t advise me of the hooops to jump thru–

    Jioned CW in Dec 2011 it is now Feb 18 and still no cards– Save if I jump another into FJ’s creit card-and they want what ?? My SS # — NOPE WAY BEEN WARNED ABOUT SECURITY THIEFT AND THEY WANT TO PROMOTE –WHAT>??

    Now what I find when go to use Good Sam —?? haven’t tried that yet– SCAMS EVERYWHERE IN CORPORATE WORLD– HOOP JUMPING CONTEST-

    I entered valid email and this crapper don’t believe it

  5. Pete Walls

    I used to buy all my diesel @ FlyJ, partially cause of the free dump and partially cause they had a small discount card. Last time i went into one in 1000 Palms CA they told me to get the discount i had to go into the store, buy something, go back out, put in the diesel, come back in again, pay, etc etc. Life is too short to have to jump thru all the hoops just to save a few cents. Plus if you bring in a big trailer you have to go thru the section for Semi’s and you can swim in the diesel oil on the ground ,and of course it tracks in on the carpets on the truck, trailer, etc. I tried sleeping in the parking lot about 10 years ago and the drivers left their engines running all nite long; couldn’t breathe!!! I guess they must have been worried that the hookers would get cold.
    I told them to take a “Flying F…” and they would never see me again…..Pete Walls, Camas WA

  6. the new owners pilot will not be that nice to r v ers . i hate to see flyn jays go out love to stop at these places close were very nice to r v ers in my opion.

  7. Gerry

    So…Pilot purchases FJ (probably because of FJs operating success), then proceeds to dismantle the amenities that helped build the success! Hmmm…must be the money — sure not the heart!

  8. Rodger Jordan

    Just finished a 4000+ mile trip thru Rocky Mts and Pacific NW and filled up MH at Flying J most of the time. I was shocked to see that they had instituted a 6 cent / gal surcharge on diesel fuel if u use a credit card. One place said it was a surcharge for MH using truck pumps. Wrong!!! The pumps showed the ad price on the sign but when I filled up thay changed the price with the 6 cents added. Only the last time I filled up did they have a sticker on the pump stating the 6 cent charge for using credit card.. That place said it was instituted after Pilot bought Tlying J and Pilot required it. We had not been on long trip for several months so this was a sirprise.. Normally filling up 100 gallons each time the $6 is not a lot but every $ counts and adds up. Just wondering if all major truck stops add a credit card surcharge? I wil shop around when I go on my next trip/