A Canton TX Cabin Rental: Building Friendships with Together Time!

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May 13, 2016

Cabins at Mill Creek Ranch Resort, Canton TX

“No friendship is an accident.” O. Henry

Friendships take work, if not at the very start, then certainly as part of ongoing maintenance between the two friends. Much like a romance, a friendship can start off with loads of good feelings and intentions, perhaps because you seem to have so much in common. Over time, however, the natural differences between friends start to show up. Without some effort, even the most promising of friendships fade away. Here are just a few good ways to start a friendship, maintain a friendship, or even keep a friend who has started to drift from your life.

  • Put in the time–although many friends will say they can go for months without speaking and pick right up where they left off, in reality, there’s not much of a substitute for time spent together. After too long, you’ve lived through too many life events to be able to successfully “catch up” on them. Make time to talk, to get coffee, to hit the new museum exhibit or the latest installment of your favorite movie series. Take a weekend away at Canton TX Cabin Rentals to really invest in your friendship and make memories that will last.
  • Ask questions and then listen to the answers–while you probably have plenty to share, boost your value as a friend by taking the time to let your friend talk about their favorite subject: their life! If you’re talking to a new friend, be sure and have a few open-ended questions handy to get them Canton TX Cabin Rentalstalking.
  • Be yourself–your friendship will ultimately be more satisfying if you aren’t trying to maintain an identity that isn’t truly yours. Your honesty also frees your friend to be authentic, too. Win/win!
  • Make sure your friend knows how great she is! If you have a chance to bestow an honest compliment, take it. Encourage and build up your friends just like you would want them to do with you.

At Mill Creek Ranch Resort, we know friendship! As the best place for a Canton TX Cabin Rental, we’ve tried our best to foster camaraderie and goodwill with our patrons and our hard work has paid off. We’ve been awarded the 2015 All-Star Award from Constant Contact due to being “great at building relationships with their customers, prospects, and members.” Constant Contact only awarded the top 10% of their clients with this honor, and we are thrilled to have our hard work recognized.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort’s fishing ponds, fire pits, and swimming pools have been the backdrop for the development of some lasting friendships through RV rallies held here. Whether it’s the Tin Can Tourists, Get’away Gals, or Sisters on the Fly, we’ve watched individuals coalesce into groups that enjoy the camaraderie of the RV lifestyle. We’re honored to be included in their midst.

If you would like a taste of the friendly atmosphere that pervades Mill Creek Ranch Resort, consider Canton TX Cabin Rentals and the spectacular Cottage 52. Located at the end of a cul-de-sac, the resort’s walking trail and Little Owl Pond are both steps away from your front door. The outdoor entertaining area provides you with amazing opportunities to “live large” with friends and family alike, including a huge deck with seating, private dining, stone fire pit and fireplace, and an outdoor kitchen with all you need to entertain. Wow! Call 877-927-3439 and mark today as the start of a beautiful friendship.

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Content for this post first appeared on the Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort blog.

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