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February 22, 2012

Submitted by Robert Hickey, Oxford, OH

When we drive off early in the morning, we like to have a Thermos of coffee available for that first “stay awake” cup. The only problem we had was keeping the Thermos under control some place other than between the copilot’s knees. I devised a setup using two watchbands (continuous type) purchased at Wal-Mart. Strips of hook-and-loop fasteners would work also.

I wrapped and secured the first band (tan band in drawing) around the nonflexible part of the seatbelt anchor arm, then inserted a second band (black band in drawing) at the right angle inside the first. Taking the open ends of the hook-and-loop band, I wrapped it around the thermos under the handle and stuck the hooks and loops together.

On rough roads and even during quick stops, the Thermos has not come rolling forward around the pedals but has remained secure and unspilled. When the seatbelt is being used, the Thermos position may need to be adjusted to remain upright, but the setup is still usable.

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  1. Karen Vinchkoski

    Hopefully the price of gas won’t go much higher, or even come down. We just bought a larger motorhome so that we can travel more during retirement, but now we’re concerned we won’t be able to go very far because of the cost of fuel. I’m really hoping that something changes to make the trips we’ve planned possible.