Geeks on Tour pick up mail at General DeliveryIf you use a computer and the Internet as you travel, you may not even need your mail forwarded! Some forwarding services are now adding the ability to scan your mail so you can read it online.

When people hear that we live fulltime in our motorhome, their first question is almost always, ‘How do you get your mail?’ I guess it’s thinking about that mundane daily detail of life that is most able to spark the imagination about what it would be like to live this nomadic life. For the first several years, we used Jim’s father’s address as our mailing address. Then we would send him an occasional email with the address of a friend we would be visiting, or a general delivery post office near where we would be staying and he would bundle up our mail and send it there. Now, our ‘home base’ RV park of Paradise Island, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has generously agreed to accept and forward our mail.

But with this new service we’ve heard about, we may decide to use a Mail-Forwarding service in the near future. Two of them are even in Florida – our home state. A mail forwarding service is a business where you establish your permanent mailing address at their address with a number that’s like an apartment number. Then you communicate with them about where and when to forward your mail on to you. a mail forwarding service

Lately, many of these services are providing an online interface. You log in to their system and you see all the mail that is there waiting for you. For each piece of mail, you can check one of several choices, Forward, Hold, or Throw away. We have recently heard of two mail forwarding services in Florida that have added another choice; open and scan the mail. They open it, scan it, and create a .pdf document file which you can then view and even download to your computer. Within a day or so of selecting that choice, you can log back in and view your scanned mail online.

St. Brendan's Isle mail forwarding service

One service is called and the other is St. Brendan’s Isle. I haven’t used either of these services personally but I heard about them from other RVing friends who say they’re wonderful!

So, how do you get your mail when you’re on the road?

Chris Guld

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  3. We use My Dakota Address out of Madison, SD. They are more than affordable and we are notified (by e-mail) each time a piece of mail arrives for us. They send mail on request or will establish a set time to send. We highly recommend them. Their free services in registering vehicles and assisting us in setting a home base was beyond belief.

  4. Wilson Trayer

    We use Good San Mail Forwarding service, we had a home in FL. and wanted to avoid changing everything to another state. The service has been great for over three years now.

  5. We are members of Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD. The mail forwarding service is $75 per year plus the Priority Mail cost each week to forward. I just call or email and tell them when and where to send. But I’m thinking that the ability to have them throw away junk would be great! I’ll have to investigate other options now that you’ve opened my eyes 🙂

  6. Doug

    I have my mail forwarded on a monthly basis by My Dakota Address in Madison, SD.

    But they also offer a service where you get an email listing the sender of each piece of mail you get. Not as slick as those web interfaces, but still a step above most other mail forwarding services.

  7. Barb Kruger

    I full time and have been using my RV for over a year and am very pleased with the service. I have also been pleased by the personal attention I have received when I have phoned with a concern or question. I even stopped at their office in Crestview, Fl and picked up my mail when I was passing by.

  8. curtis troth

    We are escapees. Our mail goes to Livingston,Tx. at a given street address and PMA #. This sets our official address for voting, rv and truck reg.,insurance,IRS,etc. The mail service is a modern “post office” with different services available. They will send only first class mail and mag. then throw away the “junk” mail. We are able to notify of a large package-drug package-overnight mail-that we are expecting so they will call or email us when it comes in. This is a very modern and customer friendly service (wish our us gov. P.O. were still the same!)