Lippert Components Debuts Leveling System

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May 18, 2010


Lippert Components Inc., Goshen, Ind., a leading manufacturer of components for RVs, has introduced Level Up, a revolutionary six-point RV leveling system designed to quickly and safely level a coach with only the touch of a button, according to a news release. “Campers exhaust a lot of time and energy into getting their coach level,” said Jason Lippert, Lippert and Kinro president and CEO. “With Level Up, we are giving campers the ability to safely level their coach in less than thirty seconds so they can enjoy their vacation.”

Level Up achieves this feat utilizing the power and speed of Lippert’s jacks, which are on average 10 times faster than their electric counterparts. Level Up utilizes a one touch “auto level” button that allows the camper to hit a button and let the system do its job in less than 30 seconds.

Level Up’s patented six-point leveling system incorporates a pair of front hydraulic landing gear and pairs of hydraulic leveling jacks before the front axle and behind the rear axle. It is the only leveling system on the market that is sensitive to the integrity of the frame.

The user cannot put the jacks in a lifting sequence that would twist the chassis causing damage to the coach. This is the biggest difference between Level Up and the traditional four-point systems that have been in the field for a while.

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  1. Jim Sikes

    I’m sure some Lippert leveling jacks must work, but mine never have. I have a 2007 Damon Outlaw. I’m the second owner. I bought it 1-1/2 years ago with 4100 miles it. Thank goodness you can use an electric drill to rotate the hydraulic pump or I would be stuck up in the air in several places. Oh, I’ve spent money, but that has been a waste. Two or three times its taken off like a space ship ride in Disney World. It was nuts. I rarely use the system any more, but I’m preparing for a trip so I tried it in my driveway. So, I thought I’d begin my jacking trials in the manual mode. The indicator arrow showed the rear and the right sides of the coach were down. So, I engaged the rear jacked for maybe 20 seconds. I stopped them before they touched the concrete. I went outside the coach to take a look. The left rear and right forward jacks had lowered. Go figure.

  2. Bill Shuster

    Sounds great.Does anyone know of an after market leveiling system foe a 32″ Coachman that can be installed at a REASONAL price?
    Thanks to all and have a great summer. Bill

  3. They are currently installing on the Mobile Suites series. I just ordered a new Grand Junction which I wish had the option but they didn’t offer it. Probably be real pricy to have such a system mounted later?

  4. bilmo

    Saw a prototype demo on the weekend at Trailair in Goshen IN. It was impressive. Liked that it won’t let you torque the frame. It also remembers the hitch height and it returns to that height when you get ready to hookup. You can also raise one side to remove and replac3e a flat tire.

  5. Manuel Enos

    Sounds great!! When will they start putting them on our favorite coaches?? Can’t wait to try one out!! It only takes about a minute to level an RV with conventional system – I don’t think losing that one minute is gonna affect my vacation that much. But, I am all for technical innovation and forward moving stuff…