It’s All About The Food!

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April 3, 2010


porkroll, toasted bun and scrambled egg

Well at least it is when you’re camping with teenage boys. One of the special things about camping is the food. There are certain things I really only make when we’re camping. Porkroll, egg & cheese sandwich is one of those. The one morning I went to make them and low and behold, no bread, great now what? I rummaged through the cupboard and decided to use hamburger rolls. I didn’t want to use the toaster and get them stuck, so I used a little butter on the skillet then browned the roll on the inside while cooking the egg, the hungry crowd was pleased by the new invention and decided the truly best way to eat this favorite was indeed on a toasted hamburger bun and not just plain old toast. Lucky for me, the experiment turned out well that time.

My cousin’s wife, Boodle, also has her camping hall of fame breakfast treat, chocolate chip pancakes. Just sprinkle the chocolate chips on the top of the pancake before flipping, these are good with or without syrup. (thanks Aunt Boodle) Not to be outdone, my sister, MFAE uses her own version of this and used cinnamon chips in her pancakes, also a yummy treat at the picnic table on a nice camping morning.

I’ve also made some food mistakes along the way, for some reason, the grill flares up and we’ve have “Blackened” style burgers more then once (ok that’s just a nice way of saying I burnt them pretty bad) so it’s always good to have and extra meal planned for just in case.

noodle saladAnother “treat” my guys like is a three-colored noodle salad. They’ll just grab a cup of it and have a quick snack (really, why is it they’re always hungry more hungry when we’re camping?) The noodle salad has Italian dressing, diced salami, hot pepper cheese, onions and celery. It’s easy enough to make ahead and stores well for the beginning part of the week.

Looking back at camping experiences, food seems to be a fond memory for many. Whether it’s roasting hot dogs on a stick (for those of us who camped way back when and just used a stick that was handy as opposed to those fancy long forks) or making the campfire staple of a s’more, food is one of the things that make us recall happy memories. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try some new things, you might just find a new favorite or two.


a couple of these and the family is ready to start their day

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  1. Yum. Noodle salad is such a summer time standby here, but I’ve never thought to take it camping. That’s a great and easy one. And those breakfast sandwiches look like they’d stick with you til lunchtime. Great ideas!