5 Fantastic Inflatable Kayaks for RV Living

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July 18, 2019

Photo: Barry Jones/Pixabay Man paddling on a red inflatable kayak.

These inflatable kayaks combine convenience and fun.

While there are certainly ways to strap hard-sided kayaks to the back of your RV or tow a trailer behind your rig, there’s arguably a better way. The best inflatable kayaks for RV living are more compact and much easier to store than their hard-sided counterparts. When you’re done using them, simply deflate, pack into the backpack or bag that they come with and slide them in a compact space in your RV until you need to pull them out again.

Because of this ease and convenience, inflatable kayaks are incredibly popular for RV living. Launch them in the top kayaking spots across North America.

Three people paddling on a kayak.

A three-person inflatable kayak. Photo: Pascal Bernardon/Unsplash

In this post, we’ll detail five great inflatable kayaks for RV living and talk about some of the most important features you can use to differentiate which will be the best for your intended purposes.

Fiji 2-Person Kayak

Sevylor makes this two-person inflatable kayak that’s designed for rugged use on lakes and calm rivers. It includes spray covers at each end to keep paddlers from getting too wet (it is a watersport though!). Another great feature of this inflatable kayak is that it includes multiple air chambers that allow one to stay inflated if another is punctured. The Fiji 2-person kayak is NMMA certified to hold up to 400 pounds and it comes with a paddle and carry bag.

QuikPak K1 1-Person Kayak

Set this inflatable kayak up in about five minutes and get out for an easy day of paddling. The double-lock valves on this kayak gives you two locking points, making it easier to inflate and deflate. The footrests in this kayak can be adjusted to fit paddlers of different heights and body types and it has a secure storage area that gives you a place to hold gear and secure it with included bungees. This kayak has a weight limit of 400 pounds and it comes with a hand pump and paddle.

RAVE Sports Sea Rebel Inflatable Kayak

This inflatable kayak is the full package to get you out on the water and keep you comfortable once you’re out there. It comes with an adjustable backrest with water-resistant dry bag, beverage holder, hand pump, paddle and carrying bag. Weighing in at just 22 pounds, this kayak can accommodate users up to 200 pounds. Three fins on the bottom of the kayak help you maneuver, making this kayak more responsive to your paddle strokes. This inflatable kayak also features four webbing handles that give you adequate locations to grasp when transporting it to and from the water’s edge.

Aquaglide Yakima Inflatable Kayak

The Yakima inflatable kayak from Aquaglide is a two-person design with an inflatable floor that reduces the total amount of wetted bottom surface to make paddling easier and more efficient. It’s an ideal kayak for flatwater paddling when you’re camped next to a serene lake or calm, wide river and the backrests are designed to make it comfortable to paddle for hours at a time. It features grab handles for easy transportation and is designed with Boston valves, which make it easier to inflate and deflate. The storage bag and hand pump are sold separately.

Solstice Rogue Inflatable Kayak

This convertible inflatable kayak is adaptable to suit one or two paddlers. It comes with two adjustable, inflatable seats but one can be removed if you’re planning to paddle solo. It boasts three-chamber construction, which makes it more resistant to punctures while also improving overall performance and responsiveness to your controls. This inflatable kayak has a 360-pound weight capacity and weighs just 18 pounds. It also comes with front and rear spray covers to keep the bow and stern areas drier when paddling in wetter conditions. Paddles are not included.

Young woman kayaking on the lake

Kayak in the lake of Locarno. Photo Credit: Getty Images, NDStock

How to Choose The Best Inflatable Kayak For You!

If you’re searching for a new inflatable kayak, there are several things to consider before narrowing down your choices. The two most important criteria you should consider are number of paddlers and your unique paddling style.

Number of Paddlers

Fortunately, there are kayaks out there that are made to adapt for one or two paddlers. But if you think there’s even a slight chance that you’re going to be spending the majority of your time paddling with a partner, you can eliminate one-person inflatable kayaks right off the bat. If you fly solo a lot, however, it makes sense to go with a smaller model so that it’s easier to paddle.

When looking at two-person inflatable kayaks, make sure that the weight capacity is substantial to fit you and your partner comfortably. Ideally, you also have a few extra pounds between your combined weight and the kayak’s total capacity, which will allow you to bring along some gear for longer paddles.

Paddling Style

The main questions here are how long will you typically paddle for, and in what conditions? If you like to spend multiple hours on the lake exploring its many nooks and crannies, you’re going to want a kayak that offers a comfortable seat and plenty of space to store water, food and anything else you might want while you’re out. You’ll also want a kayak with a few features that will help you handle adverse weather conditions, as things are more apt to change the longer you’re out.

If, on the other hand, you just want an inflatable kayak that allows you to tool around for an hour or two every time you touch down at a new lakeside campground, then you’re not going to need as much onboard storage space or features (like extra fins, spray covers or foot-controlled rudders) that allow you to navigate more easily in adverse weather conditions. You’ll simply need a boat that you (or you and your partner) can paddle comfortably.

Which Inflatable Kayak Will You Choose?

Kayaking is a great way to get out of your RV and explore the waterways close to your favorite campgrounds. Inflatable kayaks are easy to use, easy to set up, and, most importantly, easy to store in a compact space in your RV. We’d love to know which of these kayaks you’re considering adding to your arsenal of toys for RV living!