Going Green, RV Style

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March 20, 2012

Those who enjoy the lifestyle know that RV travel is the perfect combination of nature and comfort. It is a great and affordable way to meet new people, see new sites, and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. Preserve this lifestyle for all the new RVers who will enjoy it, here are some tips to camp “green.”

Green Camping Tip #1: Even when camping in an RV park, observe the golden rule: “If you packed it in, pack it out.” If you bring it with you, make sure you bring it out. If you are in a well-established RV park, make sure your trash and recycling make it into the proper receptacles. Don’t burn trash as the fumes are bad for the environment. If you’re in a more rugged campground, be sure to bag up your trash and bring it out with you.

Green RV Tip #2: Observe the second golden rule: “Leave it how you found it.” When you go camping, try to leave as little evidence of your presence as you can. Park your RV in designated spots, stay on hiking trails, and clean up after yourself.

Green Camping Tip #3: Don’t use disposable dishes, cups and utensils. While paper or Styrofoam dishes may be easier, reusable camping dinnerware is a great way to travel “green.” Plus, using reusable dishes means less trash to dispose of, and they look nicer than paper plates! When you go to wash them, use eco-friendly biodegradable soap.

Green RV Tip #4: Shop smart. When stocking up your RV, purchase items with less packaging. Reuse what you can.

Green RV Tip #5: Save energy! A great green RV tip is to add some RV solar panels to the roof of your RV. This way, when enjoying the amenities RVing has to offer, you’re doing it in an ecologically friendly way. This could easily eliminate up to 90% of your generator use. If solar panels aren’t an option for you, try to use your electronics less, and be sure to shut them off and unplug when you’re not using them at the RV park.

Green Camping Tip #6: Use multiple cooking sources. The most eco-friendly way you can cook while camping is over the fire. When you can, set up a grill over the open flame. It’s easy, fun, and the most “natural” way to cook while traveling in an RV. While it isn’t always feasible to cook everything over an open flame, it is a great way to cook meat, vegetables and other easy items.

Green Camping Tip #7: Use LED flashlights and lanterns. They use less juice than traditional lights but shine plenty of light at an RV park or campground.

“Green” RVing does not require a complete overhaul of travel habits. A few green tweaks here and there, and RV road veterans can make sure that other travelers can enjoy and benefit from the lifestyle. So the next time you hit the road, remember that these basic and simple green camping tips help preserve the great outdoors for future generations.

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  1. Ed

    I have found that very few (almost none) of the campgrounds I’ve been to have recycling bins. I’m usually forced to put it all in the trash dumpster.

    I think some may disagree that a fire is the most eco-friendly way to cook, although I don’t have any facts to support it one way or the other.