It is easy to get caught up in what it takes to be a Green RVer. There are discussions of solar panels, wind turbines, alternative fuels and tire pressure. There are discussions about recycling, vehicle weight, gas mileage and sustainability but the true encouragement, if not solely for the next generation of RVers, the true passion behind Green RVing is the planet we will leave behind for our children and grandchildren.

That’s why it was so nice to entertain dozens of questions from a group of elementary school students last month at the Houston Arboretum. They are as passionate about being environmental pioneers as you and I are. Thanks to our friends at KIAH and the good people at the Houston Arboretum for helping me spread the message of Green RVing.

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  1. We just put solar panels on all 16 windows on our fifth wheel. We have four slideouts. A company came to our site and put these custom cut panels on our windows. They snap on from the outside. You can keep them on all the time or remove them as you please. From the inside during the day, we can see out but no one can see in. At night we are visible from the inside if the blinds are up. The cost to us was $550 for the whole job. I will tell you, however, that as soon as these were put on, the heat inside our rv dropped by about 45 percent. We live right on the water with no trees to shade the living room and the difference was immediate. The ac doesn’t run all the time now and I know this saves energy and costs. I am so glad this was recommended to us. It is money well spent.