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October 24, 2012

Good Sam’s Extended Service Plan (ESP) is expanding its policy benefits! This valuable service from Good Sam, similar to extended warranty coverage, can help you avoid the high cost of unexpected RV repairs or breakdowns. And now this service offers more policy benefits than ever!

Extended Service Plan now has a network of over 12,000 preferred providers on hand when you need to file a claim. In the event that you experience a covered mechanical breakdown, call Good Sam ESP first, and we will match you to the closest qualified repair facility. Our network consists of Certified RV Technicians to make sure that your rig is repaired right the first time. In a recent survey of 600 RV dealers, 75 percent found that certified technicians perform better quality work. You wouldn’t feel comfortable with picking just anyone to fix something in your home, so why wouldn’t that also apply to your RV?

Plus, Extended Service Plan is also now accepting vehicles up to 15 model years old or newer! This is great news for those with older rigs, as the odds of a breakdown increase every year you own your vehicle. In addition, Good Sam Extended Service Plan protects you up to 18 model years or 150,000 miles on motorized rigs.

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  1. Steve

    Have had ESP for 2 yrs now and have used it once. Unfortunately was not the best experience as we had an A/C unit fail on our motorhome in the middle of August in Arizona. Had to replace whole unit in order to try to stay cool. Unfortunately fine print on ESP said it doesn’t cover whole unit replacements. Only covered $500 of the nearly $1500 for diagnostics, labor and replacement unit.
    Hope any future experiences are better.

  2. John

    I have a 2000 holiday Rambler Admiral and have had ESP for about 7 years. I’m glad you extended it to 18 years because I know what I have and it has been reliable, but still like the Insurance, so now I can retire and travel with my older motorhome and not have to worry about trading to a newer one if I don’t want to.

    Good Sam says: Your welcome! We are always trying to bring more value to our members and this was just one more way to do that.