Explore History in a Unique Southern City, Brunswick, GA, While Staying at Golden Isles RV Park

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April 9, 2018

The recorded History of BrunswickGeorgia dates back to 1738, when the first English settler, Mark Care, a Captain in James Oglethorpe’s Boat Company established his 1,000-acre plantation along the Turtle River.

Then in 1771, The Council of the Royal Colony of Georgia purchased the property and laid out the plans for the actual city.  The concept of the city used a plan developed by General James Edward Oglethorpe.  The city was to be an orderly city, filled with common green space.  So in essence, they were way ahead of their times.

The design was a grid-like plan consisting of 14 large and small squares spaced evenly among residential and commercial land lots.  The green space areas were to be deeded to the people of the city, never to be sold or developed.

Unfortunately, over the centuries things changed.   Several of the original 14 squares were sold, encroached upon or developed.  Currently there are 7 remaining Squares:  Machen Square, Jekyll Square, Blythe Square, Queen Square, Hanover Square, Wright Square & Residential Square.  When visiting Brunswick, make plans to explore these remaining Squares, as each has a very interesting history.

In 1779, President George Washington recognized the city of Brunswick, as having been one of five original ports of entry for the American colonies.

Golden Isles RV Park - buffetDuring the later stages of the Civil War, with the approach of the Union Army, much of the city was abandoned and burned.

Construction of a large lumber mill started economic growth and growth which continued in the 19th century.  Tourism also became a part of the cities economic progress due to nearby Jekyll Island, which become a posh, exclusive getaway for some of the era’s most influential people.

Then in World War I and World War II, shipbuilding became a major part of the cities economy.  And today the City continues to thrive.

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So enjoy your exploration of the History of Brunswick. And while visiting the city, make your plans to stay at Golden Isles RV Park.  With 160 sites situated on 14 acres you will be only 7 miles from the beautiful Atlantic shores. Your stay at Golden Isles RV Park will make you stay in the area both affordable and enjoyable.

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So for Southern Hospitality, plus the history and beauty of Brunswick, make your plans to say at Golden Isles RV Park in Brunswick, GA. Come on down y’all and stay with them, they are lookin’ for ya!

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