Gaylord Maxwell: The Passing of Mr. RV

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September 24, 2008

On September 20th I received the message: “Today at 2pm our beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend passed. Gaylord Maxwell will always be remembered for his lifetime commitment to family, friends and of course RVing.”
Gaylord was the father of and driving force behind the Life On Wheels RV Conferences. In his early 80s he still rode herd on us instructors, always urging us to “teach to the students” and improve our programs. His rating system allowed us to hear from the students, where we did well, and where we didn’t, whether they got out of the classes what they expected, and whether their experience warranted their attendance. He drove us all to present the best program we could to those who attended with great expectations. The number of students that returned year after year attested to the efficacy of the program.
But Gaylord was getting tired, noticeably to those of us who had worked with him for years, but he carried on. Finally his heart gave out. He will be so terribly missed by us who felt we were family, and that he treated as family as well. He will long be remembered as mentor, teacher, coach, cheerleader, father, and friend.
He is a legend in the RV world, a lifelong RVer and a member of the RV Hall of Fame, a former teacher and RV dealer, and an advocate of the industry and lifestyle he loved.
Good bye, Gaylord. We will miss you so.

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  2. It just fills my heart to read all the wonderful comments about my father, Gaylord Maxwell. Please know that I read each individual one to my mother, Margie and she too feels the joy of knowing what a gift it was to be his husband for 59 years. As for me, I just miss my dad.

  3. Andy Washburn

    Gaylord Maxwell, and his Life On Wheels program in Bowling Green, KY this past April, are the reason my wife Linda and I are now first-time RV owners (Newbees) and are trading the “stationary” life next month for a winter of traveling and doing missions work (in the warmer parts of the country, of course!).

    Before attending, we both had a whole bag full of questions, doubts, fears, and concerns about RVing, although we had talked about doing it for years. That bag is empty now! Thank you, Gaylord. Our prayers are with the Maxwell family and his extended “RV” circle of friends. Gaylord touched our lives, and the lives of countless others.

  4. JC

    He was a true Gentleman of the RV World and will be missed.

  5. Yes, Nick, and I’m sure we’ll have a good cry together the next time we see each other.

  6. It was my honor and priviledge to be one of Gaylord’s Life on Wheels instructors the last four years. He taught me a lot about RVing, about being a public speaker and teacher, and I wil miss him terribly.