Gambling for the Casino Camper – Video Poker Part 2

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August 22, 2008

One of my goals in posting here is to help you to get the most out of your recreational gambling budget.  It was May 24th the last time I talked about gambling – and more specifically Video Poker.  In that post, I gave you a very brief overview of the game along with a few references and resources (both online and in print) to further your study.   Now, I’m coming back to provide a more complete coverage of the subject, but rather than “reinvent the wheel” I’m going to give you a link to an excellent post on this topic by nationally known gambling writer Linda Boyd. 

In the past I’ve recommended Linda’s book, “The Video Poker Edge” which is available at and many other locations.  Linda and I both write a column for Midwest Gaming and Travel magazine.  MWGT posts a few articles from each edition online, and this month Linda talks about video poker for the recreational gambler.  It’s the best intro to the game that I’ve ever read because it succeeds in being concise while providing a wealth of knowledge.  Click here to read the article, and post any questions you have for me below.

Next week, I have another Casino Camping Location Report for you, so come back and see me again next weekend.

Happy travels to you, and good luck in the casinos!


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  1. I just love the game ‘Video Poker’ and am interested to know more and more about it. I will like to purchase the book The Video Poker Edge” for getting complete details of the game.

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