Overhead View of Eagle's Rest RV Park

Eagles Rest RV Park & Cabins

Eagle’s Rest RV Park is located at 139 East Pioneer Drive in beautiful Valdez, Alaska! Awesome scenery surrounds the park- the pristine Prince William Sound to one side, misty towering waterfalls flowing down the incredible majestic peaks on all sides!

Large clubhouse of RV Park

Photo: Eagle’s Rest RV Park

At Eagle’s Rest RV Park, we offer the following amenities for our guests:

  • 50, 30 & 20 AMP
  • Unmetered Hot Showers
  • Laundromats
  • Dump Stations
  • Cable TV Hookups
Close Up of Eagle flying in front of RV at RV Park

Photo: Eagle’s Rest RV Park

Eagles gently soar through the sky in search of food for their young.

Eagle’s Rest RV Park is really much more than just a place to park the ol’ RV. We can keep you busy in and around Valdez!

While you’re staying in Valdez, Alaska, we want to help you find things to do. Here are some of the great things to do in Valdez, AK:

  • Columbia/Mears Glacier Cruises
  • Mineral Creek Canyon: With mountains rising to over 5,000 feet and beautiful waterfalls on each side, the scenic vistas can be overwhelming.
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Kayaking Tours
  • Sport Salmon and Halibut Fishing
  • Valdez Halibut, Silver and Pink Salmon Derby:56 Years of Fabulous Fishing!
  • Solomon Gulch/Crooked Creek Hatcheries
  • Old Valdez Town Site
  • Valdez Museum: The Valdez Museum & Historical Archive brings the stories of our community’s history alive through programs and activities.
  • Valdez Visitors Center: The crashing glaciers and towering Chugach mountains rising from the sea make Valdez absolutely picturesque.
  • 1964 Alaskan Earthquake Movie
  • Valdez Port Tours
  • Rafting Keystone Canyon
  • Scenic Bike Paths
  • Small Boat Harbor
  • World’s Largest Floating Dock
  • Valdez Senior Center
  • Bingo Game


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