Doodling while traveling

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February 8, 2014

This blog post is presenting you with a different kind of coloring book for children—the kind that will challenge you and encourage your creativity to bloom as little ones use crayIMG_0257ons, colored pencils or markers. Because coloring books are small and portable, they make excellent travel companions for kids seeking an activity while on the road. Published through Dorling Kindersley, these books are available online or at bookstores near you.


This was one of the first titles of the series we got. This fun book is packed with fun drawing/coloring challenges as well as information concerning different themes. Let your kids develop new skills as they create illustrations, color images, add finishing touches and design their own scenes about science, nature, people, technology, popular culture and more.

Doodlepedia Animal Antics

From toucans, macaws and other birds of the rainforest to zebras, elephants and lions across the grasslands of Africa, the animal kingdom runs wild in Doodlepedia Animal Antics. This doodle guide invites your kids to discover how animals live, what they eat, how they move and many other things about them. You can complete a drawing, color the images and add finishing touches before you go on another adventure. Through this specific book, the child will be able to discover the animal world and learn more about the penguins, geckos, mountain goats and all the other creatures found in these pages.


Doodlepedia WoW

This fun book will allow your child to explore the world of space exploration, rainforests, paleontology, habitats and mechanics as they color and design. This book will allow your child to learn about surf boards, the polar world, video games and becoming a chemist. There are tons of suggestions in this book, along with fun facts. The pages are designed to keep the interest of the child as he/she will have to shift the book from horizontal to vertical at time.

Doodlepedia Pretty

This specific book has been designed with little girls in mind.  The child will be invited to fill in a rainbow, color and match baby animal footprints, finish flower petals and design a symmetrical snowflake.  He/she will also learn about science, weather, animals, nature and more.  The book is packed with fun things to draw. Kids can add color and even read some interesting facts on a specific subject. Your girl will be able to draw the feathers of a peacock, design masks, create a quilt, dress zebras, explore the colors of the rainbow, create snowflakes, fill a fish tank, design clothes, add color to a Russian cathedral, plant some sunflowers, let turtles go to the sea, design hats and much more. Ballerinas were the first subjects my daughter drew when she got her hands on this book.



Each and every single one of these creative books will open a new world of imagination to your children. I find that they are perfect when traveling long distance or when you have a grey day at the campground. Having diverse Doodlepedia books is also great when you have multiple children. Though it is fun to see them doodle differently when they have their own, the variety included in the books are perfect for kids with various interests. For example, my daughter really enjoyed having one of the books dedicated specifically to girls. She wouldn’t trade it for anything.  One of my sons really like animals and enjoys the Doodlepedia specifically designed with animals in mind. Each Doodlepedia will allow the kids to explore new adventures by stimulating their creativity.  Besides, the books can also be used by mom or dad who might enjoy drawing too.  It would be a great bonding experience to work side-by-side with your child on one of the pages.

In the end, traveling long distance with kids can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. Having books like the ones in the Doodlepedia series are handy to allow your kids to sharpen their creative brain as well as give some peace and quiet while traveling.

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