Keeping Your Sanity with Sticker Books

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February 19, 2014

The drive is long, the kids are getting restless, your level of patience is diminishing by the minute and you wonder how you can entertain the kids until you reach your destination. No problem, because this blog post will provide some interesting books available at Dorling Kindersley.

StickerBooks_1It’s snowing quite a bit here in Eastern Ontario. On Valentine’s Day, we gave a little surprise to the kids—brand new sticker books from Dorling Kindersley. Our oldest son is not into stickers anymore, so for him we have a brand new Star Wars t-shirt. But we let the three youngest selected the sticker book they wanted on this special day. I had received six of them for the purpose of a review on my regular blog.

Jasmine—the youngest—was the first to select hers and she quickly picked up the new Lego Movie book. Jérémy selected the Superman book while Dominic chose the Batman book. Yes, I do have comics fans, though both boys were a bit disappointed that they little sister selected the Lego Movie book.

StickerBooks_2Needless to say, it didn’t take long for them to jump into sticker mode and search for the ones to complete the pages in their books…

StickerBooks_3As I watched the kids flipping the pages, finding the stickers they needed and quickly putting them in the appropriate spots, it dawned on me that this would be the perfect activity for long rides. Literally, it took two to three hours for the kids to find all the stickers and place them in the book. We enjoyed was complete silence while the kids were working on these books. Well, not exactly silence but there were no fights,  no loud talking and no bickering against each other. So imagine your kids playing with these books during the next long RV trip. Wouldn’t it be great for both parents?

Each book contains some information on the theme presented–like Batman, Spider-Man, Animals–and will entertain your kids for quite some time. Two of the titles I’ve received could be  used as part of your homeschool–with one allowing them to discover the Bible via a new angle and the other one allowing them to explore the world of Animals. The Smithsonian Animals book is particularly interesting as they will discover animal families, build a shark or a chameleon, play some games, learn more about the life cycles of different animals and much more.

Each of the books we have received contains more than 600+ stickers. Once your child has complete the book, there are plenty of more stickers to share or create cards, scenes or any other kind of crafts they would like to do. And they could also practice their reading skills once they are done so they can learn more about the superhero, the animal or the princesses (depending on the theme of the book). Besides the books could also be useful when you hit a rainy day or two while camping.

Some sticker books are more geared for girls while others grab the interest of boys. However, some are neutral when it comes to gender. With numerous titles available from DK, you can be sure that you will find something interesting for your kids… And you can always get more of these stickers’ books for the trip back home. You will be amazed on how dedicated your kids will be in filling their own sticker books when they get them.

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