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November 30, 2009

You’ve heard of the snowball effect right? Well, when it comes to Facebook, we have an avalanche. Facebook started in 2005, but it hit a point somewhere in 2008 I think, where the avalanche started consuming even the most casual Internet user.


Because of the way it asks each new user to invite all their friends to join. Millions of old high school friends are now reconnected because of Facebook.

We polled our audience at a recent RV rally seminar we were teaching and were shocked that nearly 80% raised their hands when asked if they use Facebook!

Fourth Largest Country in the World

As of September 2009, Facebook serves 300 million users. If it were a country, it would be the Fourth largest country in the world, behind China, India and the US. I’ll bet it’s even surpassed the US by now. Many people dismiss Facebook as a place where people tell you what they had for lunch today. They’re not interested, and I’d agree if that really was all there was. But, 300 million can’t be ignored.

I have a Florida friend, Chris, who told me that she came home from work and her husband said, ‘Did you know that Kathleen (her daughter who lives in Minneapolis) was sick?’ Uh … no she didn’t. Her husband also happened to mention, “Hey, Suzy broke up with her boyfriend.”

“How do you know these things!?” Chris asked.

“Facebook” said her husband.

Business Pages on Facebook

If you want to keep up with friends in a quick, non-obtrusive way, you will like Facebook. But, if you run a business, I think Facebook is a must. As I said, those numbers can’t be ignored.

people or pages

A business presence on Facebook is called a Page or a ‘Fan Page’. It is completely separate from the ‘People’ personal profiles. has a Fan Page at

My company, Geeks on Tour, has a Fan Page at  .

If you follow these links and you’re logged in to your facebook account, you will see a button to ‘Become a Fan.’ Once you are a fan, any time we post something on the Geeks on Tour page, it will show up on your Facebook home page. It’s a great way to quickly keep up.

Facebook is a whole new world, and I gotta admit, I don’t find it all that intuitive. We are learning our way around just like anyone else. We encourage you to become a fan on our page, and we can figure it all out together!

RVers already know that the Internet is the best way to stay connected.  I know a lot of you have embraced Facebook and are ahead of the crowd.

If you’ve been on Facebook for a while and have any tips to pass along – please leave a comment!

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  63. Mark

    Facebook is fine but you should know what is really behind it. Facebook has one purpose and only one- to gather information. BEWARE what you put on your page.

    nuff said.

  64. bpshand

    I tend to agree with Chet above. Most people I know (of all ages) who use facebook do mainly one thing all the time….facebook. It may be a viral disease. I resist getting sucked in and have not taken the plunge nor do I have any interest or plans to do so. Just say no.

  65. I just closed my facebook account. Have been getting requests to be friends with people ( young attractive women) I know nothing of. They are evidently on Adult finder? I am happily married and have no use for such stuff!! Personally I don’t have the time to keep up with everything plus just sit at the computer and do the Facebook thing.

  66. Many are confused because of the recent change with how facebook shows posts. Instead of status updates they now use a news feed/live feed system. If you like the old way better here’s a quick fix to change FB back to the old way
    *Log into FB homepage, on the top of the left column, you’ll see “News Feed.” Go to the bottom of that column and click “More.”
    *Find the “Status Updates.” Click and drag it to the very top of that column.
    *Click “Status Updates” to load that view. Voila!
    The News Feed option …is still on the left. If you click on it, you’ll see the new view again.
    At Hidden Valley RV Park, we love facebook. I keep up with all my past and current guests, although I must admit, many get confused and prefer to use my personal page instead of my fan page…but so what…now they’re part of my friends and family too.

  67. I have personally been on Facebook for several years and recently created a fan page for my website:

    Like most, I was not all that understanding as to the usefulness of Facebook but once I got started, I was hooked. I have reconnected with so many people and many family members I have never met. It is really a great tool for communicating with a lot of people very easily.

    My fan page helps me reach Facebook folks that have RVing interests, especially making modifications to their RVs. I try to keep content fresh and encourage discussion among the fans. It’s just getting started though. I imagine it will grow in to a nice collaboration community over time.

  68. We love facebook! At least until my wife got hooked on Farmville. I’m forming a support group for that. If you can avoid all the silly games, it’s great for keeping in touch with friends and family. When I’m camping, I’ll take a photo with my cell phone and upload right to my “Wall.” It’s almost real time. You can do the same with videos as well. I highly recommend it for the RV crowd. Just stay off the farm and out of the mafia wars.