Back in 2008, we made a long trip from Ottawa, ON to PA, MA, ME, NB and PEI before going back home.    It was our first trip with the RV and we still remember the highlights of that trip.

A few weeks ago I presented a tour that we did while in Pennsylvania.   Today, let me present you to the coast of Massachusetts – more specifically Cape Cod Bay.    While we were in the Boston area, I wanted to go visit the Cape Cod Potato Chip Company that let you see how they make potato chips.

The manufacture is located on 100 Breed’s Hill Road in Hyannis, Massachusetts .  We were not allowed to take picture inside the facility and to be honest this is a self-guided tour where you look through windows while you watch them work and make potato chips.    The tour wasn’t long and can be done in about 10-15 minutes.   But the kids enjoyed seeing the process of making potato chips.    Self-guided tours are the next best thing to real tours when you take the time to read and explain the process to your kids.    There were people who came in and stayed for 5 minutes while rushing to the store at the end of the corridor.    We took are time.   Then when we entered the store, we had a free sample (small bag of chips) and we purchased different flavors of chips too!   The tour is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Being somewhat disappointed to this tour – I guess we were expecting to have a longer tour…  we decided to continue our drive and discover Cape Cod Bay.   So we drove and saw numerous little fishing towns, the beach (unfortunately the water was too cold to swim as it was May), and numerous lighthouses.   As we were thinking of going back, we got a special treat!

On our last stop, we had the opportunity to watch a fishing boat coming back to shore.   We were able to witness it unloading the bounty from the sea and the process of bringing back fishes.   As we watched a little head popped out of the water…  a seal!    As we lifted our eyes to see the landscape, we could see a colony of seals further down on a sand bank.    This little seal must have followed the fishing boat in the hopes to get some leftovers.   Seagulls were also flying and waiting close by.

After thinking about it, we had a blast discovering Cape Cod Bay and I wish we would have been able to drive all the way to the end of it.    That would be for another time and thanks to my participation to the TOS Homeschool Crew for three years, I know at least one homeschooling family living there!   I look forward to re-visit the area one of these days…

Where did you go on your first long trip with your RV? What year? Can you recall the places you went then?

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