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November 14, 2008

Datastorm RallyI’m writing to you from the 6th annual Datastorm Users Rally, being held at Lazydays Rally Park in Tampa, Florida.  I think attendance at this rally should be required for every owner of a Datastorm Internet Satellite dish!  People who attend this rally get to learn at the feet of the masters! 

In case you don’t know what the Datastorm is, I’ve written about it in past posts.  It is the satellite dish that mounts on the roof of your RV and, with the push of a button, raises and locks onto a satellite to provide you with broadband Internet for the computers in your coach.  Most of the time it is just that simple, push the button and wait a few minutes, but there’s a LOT going on when you push that button, and the more you understand about it, the more successful you’ll be with your system.

The Datastorm rally is primarily about education.  You get to learn from the experts and really understand your system.  The people who came to this rally in Tampa had the opportunity to ask questions of a panel of experts:

Datastorm Experts

From left to right are Tony Arcuri of Datastorm of Florida, Royal Lamb – VP of Motosat, the maker of Datastorm, and Don Bradner – creator of the Datastorm Users Group.  If you’re a Datastorm owner and you can’t make it to a rally like this, you can ask your questions on the forum at the Datastorm users group.  Another feature of Datastorm Users is a map.  Any member can put themselves on the map any time they move to a new location.  It’s a great way to stay in touch, or to see if any other members are nearby. 

Live Datastorm system for demonstrationHere at the rally, Motosat is presenting many of the sessions, and they set up a live demonstration system to go thru the troubleshooting lessons. The dealers and representatives from Motosat are also on hand to perform service work for anyone at the rally at no charge.  Such a deal!

When you’re traveling in an RV you can develop a very solitary and self-sufficient lifestyle, the groups and rallies are a wonderful way to socialize and learn things of value from others in your situation.

What about you?  What groups do you belong to that have rallies?  What do you learn there?  What other advantages do you see?

Chris Guld

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  1. Thanks for the update Chris! Hope all went well and as I sit here shivering in a cold rain I am envious looking at Don sitting there in shorts and t-shirt. Wish I could have been there. Everyone be safe heading for their holiday hangouts!!