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Spring is the perfect time to visit a Colorado State Park

Colorado has 42 State Parks, so start planning now. Mountains or prairies, rivers or forests, out-in-the-boonies or next-to-the-city… Colorado’s state parks are as diverse as the state itself, and they offer something for everyone. Take a hair-raising whitewater river trip, or kick back in a lawn chair and watch the sunset. Enjoy a family picnic, cast a line in the water, take a hike, ride a horse, try snowshoeing, or discover geocaching. From Eastern Plains parks at 3,800 feet to high mountain parks at 9,500, the network of state parks offers a wealth of activities for busy doers of all ages, or the chance to do nothing at all and relax. You can play: on land or on water; on a high peak or on the prairie; in the country or the city; and during any season.

Colorado State parks are great places for families too. There are plenty of activities to enjoy together such as boating, hiking or picnicking, as well as organized nature walks, talks and events. Junior ranger programs, activity backpacks, kid-friendly hikes and fishing ponds for kids are among the many offerings for youth. From toddler to teen and adult to senior, every family member can enjoy their activity of choice, then come together to share a meal and stories around the campfire.

Make more of your state park visit by staying overnight. Relax in your RV, pitch a tent, spend a cozy night in a cabin, camp like a Native American in a tepee, or discover a comfortable, year-round alternative to traditional camping with a yurt. Those who prefer to really rough it can hike to back country campsites in some parks. Overnight camping is not permissible at all parks, so plan ahead.

Whatever your choice, an in-park stay offers very affordable accommodations for everyone, and an overnight experience tailored to your interests. Campground amenities vary by park but may include picnic tables and BBQ grills, full-electrical hookups, restrooms with flush toilets, hot showers, laundry facilities and a convenience store. Many parks also offer campsites or cabins for large groups. Heated cabins and yurts make a park getaway suitable any season of the year. All together, the state parks have more than 4,000 campsites and 58 cabins and yurts. Almost 300 campsites are ADA accessible.

Summer weekends fill up quickly so advance reservations for overnight stays are recommended. Reservations can be made six months to three days ahead of arrival. Reserve online at cpw.state.co.us or call 303-470-1144 in metro Denver or 1-800-678-CAMP (2267). A non-refundable reservation fee applies to bookings and visitors must purchase a daily or annual entrance pass in addition to paying camping and reservation fees. Unreserved sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Whether you’re an active outdoor recreationist or prefer to spend time watching clouds go by, you’ll enjoy the special moments waiting for you in the Colorado state parks across the state.

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