Common sense and campground etiquette aren’t always mutually exclusive, even though they should be. One person’s “common sense” might be another person annoyance. That’s why we’re going to quickly discuss correct campground etiquette.

Younger RVers laughing and talking around the campfire until after midnight is a natural and frequent occurrence. For some, common sense would say you might want to keep the volume down at that hour. But is there a rule about that? In most cases, there is. Most campgrounds have a 10 o’clock pm rule when all activities that can be heard beyond your immediate campsite must be terminated – that’s campground etiquette.

Pet fences can come in handy to keep Fido under control.

Pet fences can come in handy to keep Fido under control.

So, what if your going to sleep at 9pm? Do you have the right to demand quiet from those neighbors just because of your schedule? The answer is no, unless the noise and activities are excessive (not as defined by you, but as defined by the campground manager or ranger in charge), just as it would not be allowed for the young campers to party on past 10pm.

Another instance, say have you have a neighbor whose small dog wanders freely into your campsite or barks throughout the day and night? It might surprise your neighbors that their precious pet is not looked upon as favorably to you as it is to them. Most campground rules include a “leash law” and other rules regarding pets. Campground etiquette is to observe those rules without question.

When a rule exists, it is best to follow it, both for your peace of mind and for equitable relations with your neighbors. But when it comes to campground etiquette, activities and actions may involve more common sense than established rules. So, when neighbors push the boundaries of campground etiquette or campground rules, stop and think before becoming upset and consider the issue from your neighbor’s point of view. Maybe a friendly discussion would be the best thing for both of you.

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  1. Chuck

    I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much eaires!

  2. You can also stay at campgrounds that are age restricted, too! You may still run into some rowdy folks, but you're less likely to find people up all night around the campfire. There are certainly campgrounds that cater to all ages and lifestyles!