Anything is Possible in the RV Industry

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May 5, 2009

While I was prowling the Internet for blog inspiration recently, I came across a post from RV Today about an amphibious RV and it blew my mind! Once I was convinced that my eyes really were seeing things correctly, I thought about what a cool concept it is to have an RV that turns into a boat (watch the video to see it in action). What a testament to American ingenuity and resourcefulness! It also highlights the diversity in the RV industry—there truly is an RV model to suit any lifestyle and budget.

Terra Wind RV on boat rampThis particular company, Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International custom builds each amphibious vehicle from the ground up right here in America. The existing plant in New York State will be supplemented by one currently under construction in South Carolina.

CAMI owners John and Julie Giljam founded the company in 1999. John has been designing and building heavy-duty specialty vehicles his entire adult life. You can read more about the Giljams on the CAMI website. CAMI also currently builds amphibious tour buses and an amphibious sports car.

The Terra Wind amphibious motor coach is a luxury class A model starting from the $850,000 range, featuring all the plush furnishings you’d expect of an RV of this caliber: marble floors, granite counter tops and leather furniture, to name a few. Since each unit is custom-built, the owners can specify which fixtures and amenities they want to have included.

If you can’t decide whether to get a luxury RV or a houseboat for your vacationing needs, this sort of RV is a great option. The beauty of the Terra Wind RV is that it can cruise on land or water, so it’s two vehicles in one. Although this vehicle is currently beyond my price range, I really like the practicality of it for those of us who want a houseboat and an RV, yet don’t want the hassle of traveling with both. (Check out the Woodall’s RV Buyer’s Guide website for resources to help you decide which type of RV is right for you).

Although I’m sure this idea is not new to many of you, my point is that it’s a reminder of how much America values and encourages innovation. What’s more, while many businesses shift production to overseas plants, the RV industry remains rooted in hardworking American towns.

Despite this sobering economic environment, recent trade buzz indicates the RV industry will persevere because of its long tradition of ingenuity and community loyalty. While one must be practical in times of adversity, it never hurts to have a positive outlook! As the great innovator Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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