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January 27, 2010

It has been a long time since I have had enough time to write on this blog.  I hope I am remembered for my articles on Health and First Aid.  But today I want to write on a totally different subject.  In a couple of weeks I am going on my first camping trip of the year to the Okefenokee Swamp down in Georgia.  What makes this trip a little different is that it is anniversary trip for my trip “Co-Planner” Pam and me.  About 4 years ago when I had a small pop up camper and a canoe and a desire to go camping down in the south for the spring. I also decided to ask my girl friend of  a year if she wanted to go along.  I figured this would be a excellent way of finding out if we would be compatible after a week of camping in a pop up.

The week spent down in the black water Swamp of Georgia known as the “Okefenokee” was magic for both of us.  We spent it hiking, bird watching, canoeing and fishing.  We photographed snakes and deer and alligators and of course each other.  We cooked meals over the fire and ate S’mores by star light. I found she liked camping just as much as I did!

Pam at Buffalo Bill Museum on Yellowstone Trip 2007

Pam at Buffalo Bill Museum on Yellowstone Trip 2007

So when we got home we decided we needed a bigger camper!   Then  we found a Jayco 17-A hybrid camper the next spring we fell in love with it.  We have gone to Yellowstone with my kids and family and we have gone elk watching and another trip to Okefenokee and many more trips.   And of course some where along the line we fell in love with each other.  So this year when we go down south, I am going to ask her  that we make it permanent.  Yes I am going to propose to her this time!  I figure it is more than time.

We still camp in a hybrid but now it is a Jayco 232 bigger and better I guess.  We can fit the whole family much easier any way.  But this trip is going to be just for us.  So if you are interested in how things turn out and if I am successful in my proposal.  Please let me know and I will try to keep all of you informed if there is any interest.

But now a question for everyone, How do you think I should do it?

Right now I am thinking of making a steak dinner and with dessert having champagne and put the ring in the glass.  When she finds it getting down on one knee and proposing.

Or maybe I should take it on a hike with us and when we are at the top of one of the swamp observation towers do it there?

Or might there be some better way?

Let me know your opinion!

Your Obedient Servant,

Gary Smith, Jr.

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  1. Bill’s thought above rings true but I also liked Carol’s comment regarding the geocaching. Wish you much happiness together and am looking forward to getting updated on the outcome.

  2. Bill

    I say take the ring with you the whole trip. Have it in your pocket or somewhere where it is handy and you won’t lose it. Do the things you normally do on your trip. When the moment is right you’ll feel it in your heart. When that moment comes, where ever it may be, get on the knee and do it.

    It might be a romantic moment at the top of the tower but it might be in the middle of a hard rain on the trail where you are both soaking wet with water streaming down your faces. You’ll know when the mood is just right. Trust your gut.

  3. Wes

    Well Gary
    This will be the biggest step you will probably take in your life.
    The one knee is real special ,my son proposed to our daughter inlaw on one knee on the draw bridge of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland .10 years later and 2 lovely grand children we are still talking about the way he proposed.
    What was special is we got to snap a picture of it and had it enlarged. What a keepsake. One thing I would do is propose at the beginning of your Holiday it will make the rest of the weekend very special.
    All the Best

  4. Debbie McMillan

    Can’t wait to hear what happened – I like the walking along a beach at sunset idea.
    Good luck to you both. glad you both like camping….I have yet to find a fella to camp with….your story gives me hope!!

  5. Gary, First off congratulations. All the ideas sound good, so the only thing i need to address is that where ever you do propose, you’ll have to go back every so often on your anniversary. So make sure you both like the place, it will have everlasting memories. Good Luck …..8)

  6. Tom


    I was with my wife-to-be at Porcupine Mountains in Upper Peninsula MI. We were walking along the beach of Lake Superior just prior to sunset, having spent the day wandering the trails and seeing the sights. I had the ring in my pocket and was waiting for just the right moment. It came when she sat down on a log to take in the view. When she sat down, I knelt and proposed. She was totally surprised and smiling from ear-to-ear 🙂


  7. Gary Smith, Jr.

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

    And I have to laugh at GK’s comment that one knee is proposing and two knees is begging!! ROTFLMAO

    I think I will skip the ring in the drink thing, I don’t think she needs that kind of roughage.

    Right now I leaning towards the Observation Tower at sunset. I don’t feel real comfortable taking it with us in the canoe somewhere, my luck I would drop it in the swamp and have to go get scuba gear and a underwater metal detector to find it!

    Thank you for all the wonderful advise and I will keep you in the loop as to what is happening. Two Weeks till we leave.

    Your Obedient Servant,

    Gary Smith, Jr.

  8. Garland

    Hope the best for you Gary. Proposing while hiking along a lake and proposing when the sun is starting to set would be nice also. No matter how or where you do it, the answer will come straight from the heart. Good luck to the both of you and let us know what happens.

  9. Barry Engleman

    How about going down on one knee at the end of the hike, pretend you just found the ring on the ground and tell her you want to make good use of it. Don’t do what I did forty years ago. I found a box in a box thing about 10 boxes deep and wrapped each one separately as a Christmas present which my future wife opened in front of everyone else. My wife said yes but my mother was ready to kill me.

  10. Remember that she’ll give you an answer based on her feelings for you –not for how you asked her– so don’t fret too much! Looking forward to your follow-up post! Best of luck! 🙂

  11. James

    lol @ GK’s begging comment.
    I like the Observation tower idea and agree with the sunset/sunrise part :D. Maybe you can put a large sign/billboard somewhere such that it can be seen from the observation tower. Or maybe a tape recorder of some birds chirping and then all the sudden they start singing “will you marry me” 😀 (keep the tape recorder hidden though)

    One more thing…hope she doesn’t see this blog 😛

  12. Carol Rice

    Do you by any chance do geocaching? It’s a fabulous addition to traveling and would be an incredibly unique way to do a proposal. You would have to have a handheld GPS but some are available for under $100. Too long to explain the particulars here…go to http://www.geocaching.com for info. We did our Christmas presents using a handheld GPS and it was a blast for the whole family. Good luck!

  13. GK

    Good luck, and remember: going down on 1 knee is proposing, going down on 2 knees is begging :-).

    And I concur with the ‘ring in the glass’ observation by eric: I don’t think that gold and diamond is an essential part of a complete dinner.

  14. Love your idea to propose, and can’t wait to hear about the outcome.

    But, don’t do the ring in the champagne glass. It’s a little overdone, and more than one person has accidentally consumed the ring!

    How about placing the ring conspicuously on top of the dessert and proposing after you put the dish in front of her?

    Or your idea about going on a hike, and proposing to her atop an observation tower (preferably around sunset… or dawn… whichever works best for the two of you) would also be really nice! Better yet, when you get to the top of the tower, pretend to have something in your shoe, kneel down to and then popping the question!