For those outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy winter sports, especially of the spectator variety, there is an event not to be missed at northern New Mexico’s Taos Ski Valley. The first weekend in April each year typically marks the end of the ski season and usually there are some hijinx to enjoy for both skiers and spectators alike. This year it was the inaugural Dos Equis Air Bag Championships.

Taos Ski Valley, NMParticipants had to pay a $10 entry fee, then ski down a chute which led them up a 15 foot ramp after which they would land in a massive airbag to break their fall. Intrigued, we made it a point to get there to watch a number of these feats and were not disappointed.

One competitor in mid-flip above the airbag.

One competitor in mid-flip above the airbag.

The event was open to skiers and snowboarders 21 and over. Participants were rated on their technique, how much height they achieved off the ramp and their costumes. While some did not don festive garb, we did note several appropriately attired hot dogs and a male skier in a two piece bikini. The tricks were a site to behold. Some incredible heights were achieved and some impressive flips were seen. Some skiers looked as if they would have landed their jumps even without the help of the pillow. Each skier had a chance to make three runs and received a score from the judges for each run. The winner was the person with the highest score at the end of the three runs.

Taos Ski Valley, NM End of SeasonEvents like this are held each year to commemorate the end of the ski season. RVers wishing to spend the night are welcome to park their large or small rigs in the upper parking area of the Taos Ski Valley while attending events there. This is a nice way to get in a bit of early spring camping while celebrating the end of winter. Happy travels!
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