10 Great Holiday Gifts Under $100 For The RV Buff

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December 10, 2009


With the holidays coming fast upon us, some of us might need some innovative gift ideas especially suited to the RV buff.  Today we will look at relatively inexpensive ideas, but ones that may be treasured by many an RV enthusiast.

handsfree_T505_burstMany states and provinces allow only hands free use of cell phones while driving.  The Motorola T505 stand-alone hands-free Bluetooth unit makes a great gift.  Voted in the top one hundred electronic products by PC World, the T505 turns your car or RV into a vertual speaker hands free.  Operating on the Bluetooth technology with wireless connectivity, these run seamlessly with any Bluetooth equipped cell phone or PDA.  These can be found at most cellular accessory retailers and sell from between $75 to $85 in the U.S.



A digital picture frame is a super gift idea for an RV.  They are a great conversational piece while displaying a host of photos from previous trips.  Additionally they use very little power making them ideal for running while set up in camp.  These are available in many of the big box electronic stores and start as low as about $50.

Portable BlenderThe Coleman rechargeable blender is ideal for camping use. Whether you are inside your RV or out, the Coleman portable blender mixes your favorite drinks without the need of an electrical outlet.  Specialty kitchen or camping supply stores offer them for $50/60




A stainless steel set of bar-b-q tools are always a welcome gift for campers.  They can be found at Camping World, Sears and many other retailers for about $20 and up.

A dash or window mounted cellular phone holder.  These are adjustable to fit most cell phone handsets with additional models capable of securing a Blackberry or similar PDA. Top quality ones are priced anywhere between $20 to $40.   These can be found at Best Buy or any cellular phone accessory store.

LED FlashlightRVers find the need for a flashlight often.  Many times the batteries are nearly flat leaving them still in the dark.  An L.E.D flashlight, due to its low power, draw may be the answer.  These are available at all price levels, but $20 will get you a suitable unit.

An in-line fresh water filter.  These fit any RV as it connects to the hose outside. They reduce chlorine, sediment, bad taste and odor before they enter your RV.  Availale at Camping World or similar outdoor equipment store, these can be purchased starting as low as $25.

Binoculars can bring some of those nature views much closer.  Observing wild life from your campsite can be both educational and fun.  Though these can run hundres of dollars, a good pair for this application, even Bushnell binoculars, can be purchased for about $70, more or less.

Coleman LED LampAn LED table light can light up the picnic bench after dark at any campsite.  The Coleman LED Quad Lantern is a top of the line unit.  It’s available at Camping World and other fine outdoor equipment retailers for about $70.

Wireless Weather StationA wireless weather station can be a great add-on to any RV and requires no wiring.  These are available for about $70 to $100 and can be found in many hardware retail outlets as well as Cabella’s and Camping World.

Well, these were just some helpful ideas of possible great gifts for the RV buff, all for under $100.  Good luck on completing your holiday shopping in time to relax and enjoy the season.

Next week, we will be looking at gifts priced at one hundred dollars and up.

Happy Holidays  –  Lug_Nut  –  Peter Mercer

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