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Class B Motor Homes

A look at a popular RV choice, Class B Motor Homes.  There are three classes of self powered motorized RV’s built today.  The class “A”, a bus-like profile available generally from 30 to 45 feet in length. The class “C” type, a vehicle constructed using a cutaway van front end united to a custom built

Motor Home Driving Tips

Operating large class “C” and “A” coaches is not as difficult as you might think.  However, maneuvering in some campgrounds, especially backing into your assigned space, can present challenges.  The primary concern is to get onto the campsite safely and without damaging the motor home or surrounding items.  This can best be accomplished by using

Practical Motor Home Inverter Applications

Two weeks ago week we looked at the type of inverters commonly used in motor homes.  This week we will touch on applications of inverters in our home on wheels.   We will deal with integrated types only, generally these are 2,000 watt output and larger.  We will also focus only at the inverter operation, not the