RV waste tank

RV waste tank level sensors — a key to accurate monitoring.

A common issue for many RV owners revolves around their waste tank level monitors. It seems that sooner or later, the level indicators become inaccurate. Some will read half full, when in fact they were just emptied, and others empty when partially full. Why this error?

While there are many level sensor/monitor designs and models, many seem to experience similar varying events at one time or another. The fact that this rarely or never happens to the freshwater reading speaks loudly to the apparent issue. A buildup of solids and caked-on waste skews the sensor’s ability to detect the actual level. Once this happens the waste read-outs are of little value.

RV Waste Tank Cleaning

RV waste tank

RV hooked up at dump station to drain waste water.

So, how can these tanks be cleaned and maintained to ensure relatively accurate level displays? Well, there are several things you can do to correct this and to prevent future happenings.

First, let’s look at how to clean an already gummed-up tank. Prepare your RV for a short 30-minute run. Fill both the grey and the black tank half full of water. In the grey tank add a couple of caps of dish detergent. In the black tank dump two or three bags of party ice. Now drive it like you stole it (safely, of course) to agitate both tank contents. Drain out both immediately after arriving back. Flush the tanks briefly from the top (sinks, toilet). Flush at water bay, if so equipped.

Blasting the RV Waste Tank

After, or instead of the above procedure, you can use a new product that is reported to be extremely effective at scouring waste tanks, Thetford Tank Blaster. Available at your local Camping World store, this product soaks into the sludge and scum while sitting overnight and cleans the tank walls. It also has a pleasant odor. It can be used to clean an already gummed up tank or regularly as an ongoing maintenance chore.

So, hopefully say goodbye to future tank level issues.

Peter Mercer – With a Tank Cleaning Tip

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