Meet the Zetros: Apocalypse-Ready Motorhome

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June 25, 2011

Could the apocalyptic looking beast, a custom order Zetros produced by Mercedes Benz, be the biggest, monster motorhome on Planet Earth?

Two businessmen friends in Ulan Bator, Mongolia who take “multiday excursions into the Altai mountains where they hunt for wolves with an eagle” decided they needed something a bit beefier for their expeditions.

The men were not identified, but Mercedes Benz says one owns Khan Bräu, a brewery that makes German beer, and the other “became wealthy as a shareholder in coal and copper mines.”

This pair took delivery of two Mercedes Benz Zetros 6×6 jumbo off-roader trucks—with more than the normal levels of luxury. The pair of Zetros came complete with gun safe, mosquito nets, and triple-action locks—as well as a fancy dinner service for eight.

The new over-the-top, six-wheel-drive vehicle shares its DNA with trucks from the Actros series, part of the Military Vehicles division of Mercedes Benz.

The custom Zetros 6×6, based on the Mercedes Benz Zetros 2733 military truck (used by the Bulgarian army, among other customers), seems perfect for a Mad Max scenario.

Power comes from a mighty 326-horsepower 7.2-liter inline-6 turbo-diesel engine. There are two transmission choices: a standard nine-speed that includes a crawler gear for those rock-hopping moments or an optional six-speed Allison 3000 automatic transmission. Three mechanical differential locks can be selected on the fly using a rotary control and offer the maximum amount of traction available.

And with two fuel tanks holding 110 gallons, you can afford to miss a fuel stop every so often.

At over 33 feet in length and 8.8 feet in width, the Zetros will struggle to fit into two parking bays. Despite these vehicles being designed for the harshest conditions, our Mongolian friends have spared no expense in creating the ultimate motorhome.

Surviving the Apocalypse in Luxury

The custom vehicles were converted into “hunting and expedition” dream machines by Hartmann and Huenerkopf.

Mercedes were tasked to create a penthouse on wheels, and the Zetros would put many apartments to shame. Because the Mercedes is based on a military vehicle which carries large payloads, the platform offers more room for the designers to play.

Details include a portable satellite dish, a Bose audio system, a 46-inch flat-screen TV, a dedicated lifting system which enables cargo to be hoisted onto the cab roof, and specially built furniture “designed for use in tropical and desert regions.”

The table in the cabin can be electrically raised and lowered. “When lowered it creates an additional, large bed,” said Mercedes-Benz in a statement.

The luxurious bathroom sports a bidet, marble flooring, and under-floor heating, while the living room and bedroom are of generous proportions.

But it’s the superbly equipped kitchen which stands out, with a full sized gas stove, refrigerator, and even your own bar.

There is also an exterior shower.

This particular model is unsurprisingly a hunter’s dream, with an enormous gun safe for storing those hunting rifles and ammunition.

Other gadgets worthy of a Bond villain include a rear garage that can accommodate a quad-bike.

And if you’re worried about how to power all this, fear not—an onboard water-cooled diesel generator said to “ensure independence from the power grid” powers an SAT receiver and dish, Mac Book laptops, and a 46-inch monitor.

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  1. Daniel Frey

    If you want an affordable alternative, go purchase a surplus M109A3, it runs on anything, is six wheel drive and best of all will cost less than most used cars.

    I would never consider an EarthRoamer, it is entirely too dependent on electronics. One small component failure and you’re stuck. I also find the “will go anywhere a Jeep Wrangler can go” statement dubious, the wheelbase is too long and the unit is topheavy . The EarthRoamer is a mediocre, over priced performer at best.

  2. Ann Greene

    If you are interested in a somewhat comparable product made in the USA, take a look at It carries 90 gallons of diesel and 90 gallons of water. Needs no generator because of 3 solar panels and 2 large storage batteries and will go anywhere a Jeep Wranger can go providing the headroom is 11 feet. It is awesome!

  3. I’ve never seen anything like the zetros in my life. Its completely amazing. I didnt even know Mercedes Benz made vehicles for the Military. I wish i had the zetros, none the less. The zetros is the perfect all can Motorhome. If i had to buy one, i would definetly try and get this one, though it way out of my price range. Amazing!

  4. My oh my, what the super wealthy can afford to buy. Good for them. Well, at least we get a glimpse into their somewhat enviable lifestyles? What do you do with this thing afterwards, hope they get their money’s worth out of it.