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July 28, 2010

By Brad Sears (AKA The Geezer)

This is a new venture and as such you the reader deserve to know who I am and what to expect from future blogs. First of all I am an old goat and as such am opinionated, contrary, set in my ways, and a cheap old Yankee. Way back when writing was putting food on the table and sending kids to college I had to watch my P’s and Q’s and stay within certain parameters. However writing for Bill Loeb’s Manchester Union Leader I did have more latitude than most columnists but now I am beyond those restraints except that I did promise Good Sam that I would not get them sued.

I have been camping/RVing for the better part of 60 years and have done every form from sleeping under the stars and progressing through small pop up, truck mounted campers, small class C, 21 foot Winnie class A, 32 foot Southwind class A, and finally a Foretravel class A diesel pusher. Now before you go and say, oh one of the upper crust, our Foretravel is 20 years old. An oldie but a goodie that I would not hesitate loading up today and heading for the west coast.
I ran two different careers at the same time. I was a syndicated auto columnist and radio person while holding down teaching jobs. I taught everything from high school auto shop programs to technical training for major manufacturers. The RV life style worked well with these endeavors as I was able to travel to summer assignments in whatever form of RV I had at that time.

My future blogs in this space will be a mixture of travel adventures, keeping older rigs running, answering your questions, and commentary of just about any other thing that pops into this old head. It could also include then current RV travel/camping experiences, the price of fuel or camp grounds, and good places to eat.

Right now we are in the process of becoming reverse snow birds. That occurred when we purchased at short sale a home in Fort Myers Florida and made the decision to put the New Hampshire place up for sale. That means anchor in Florida for the winter and travel in the summer. We have kids in Seattle, Asheville NC, Cape Cod, and lady Lake Florida as well as Jordan, the country of that is.

When we travel from point to point we use Wal-Mart and Flying J free overnight but once at a destination we use a campground. We are members of Thousand Trails and Coast to Coast both working well for us. We have found that Passport America and CampclubUSA have limited value for us. We have found that with our travel routine that too many of the member camp grounds are blacked out due to peak season.

Now, here is how this thing is going to work I hope. I hope that enough of you out there are interested and we can start a dialogue. I like to answer question in Q & A format. I like to discuss issues and ideas and look forward to hearing from you. All questions are encouraged, repair, where to go, how to drive, and on and on pertaining to RVing and rigs. Till then happy miles.

Brad Sears, aka the Geezer

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