Where can I find an Owner’s Manual For My RV?

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November 8, 2010

We hear this same question a lot lately. With some manufacturers no longer producing various model RV models and others going out of business completely, it is getting harder and harder to find those elusive RV owner manuals. For those in need of a copy of their owner’s manual, here are some options to start the search.

Where to start!
If your RV manufacturer is still in business; you should contact them first.  We are finding more and more RV manufacturers adding sections to their websites where you can download manuals either for free or a very nominal charge. If there isn’t a section on the website of the manufacturer of our RV, try contacting them by e-mail or phone.

Go where RVers go
Find an RV Forum that is specific to your brand of RV. There may already be a conversion around RV manuals for your make and model. There are already a few existing conversations on our Good Sam forum (you’ll need to be logged into the site). Or post a request for your particular owner’s manual on the forum. The RVing community is a helpful group; you might be able to get a fellow RVer to help you out. Not sure where to start? Try Yahoo! groups.

Next stop
Check with a local RV dealership in your area. Sometimes the RV manufacturers require you to order the manuals through a dealership. So pull out your Yellow Pages or start googling and spend a few minutes and give your local dealerships a call.

Need an excuse to go social?
Try to find a page or group on Facebook that is specific to your RV manufacturer.

Are you are willing to spend a little bit?
Try Searching for the RV Owner’s Manuals On eBay Some RV owners have had good luck in finding RV Owner’s Manuals here.

If you have exhausted your search for your specific owner’s manual we have a number of books that will help take the place of an  actual owner’s manual.

The RV Handbook: Essential How-to Guide for the RV Owner, 4th Edition. This invaluable publication includes 299 Pages packed with checklists, photos,  schematics and charts, as well as plenty of sound, user-friendly technical advice. It also features hundreds of proven RV tips, tricks and techniques to save you time, money and maybe even your sanity!

Good luck on your search!

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  1. Bill Forbach

    I am looking for an owners manual for a 1999 Signature 5th wheel RV with two slides.

  2. Judy & Don Stites

    where can I find a manual for a 2012 trail sport 25s?

  3. Doug Burck

    Where can I find a manual for a 1989 Ford Cozy Craft ClassC Motorhome?

  4. LJ S

    We are looking for the manual for a 1985 Ford Travelcraft Class C Motorhome . Anyone know where we can find one?

  5. LuAnne Holjes

    I am looking for the manual for a 2000 Shasta Ultra Flite M-1907. Anybody know where I can find one?!

    Good Sam says: I have contacted you by email for further assistance.

  6. John

    This was very helpful! Thanks Good Sam.