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May 7, 2009

This is a shameless plea: If you like the content of this blog or a particular article, please, please, please share an article with a friend! Then “rinse and repeat” weekly!

We’ve made it as easy as we can for you to do this:

  • Click the “email this” link at the top right of every individual article (once on the article page)
  • Click the “tell a friend” link at the bottom left of every individual article
  • Cut and paste this link: http://blog.rv.net into an email, and send it to a friend, telling them to check it the site for great RVing info updated daily
  • Click one of the social media icons in the lower left of every individual article to share the story on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble It, Technorati, Google Bookmarks, etc.

We have a goal of reaching 20,000 feed subscribers by the end of the year and word-of-mouth is the best way to do this. We’d love it if we could recruit you to help us with this grass-roots effort!

We’ve got 11,665 subscribers currently (at the time of this posting), and believe you can make that number grow! Be sure to keep watching the blue counter on the top right to see the status of the effort. It gets updated daily with the most recent counts.

So, O Mighty Readers, if you could help us by simply sharing your favorite article with three to five of your RVing friends a week, or linking back to an article here from your own blog or trip journal, it would be a great thing!

And if you haven’t subscribed yet, what’s up with that! Stop lurking and join the party!

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  1. Allie

    I know this is a little late for this post, but I think you would have more subscribers if we didn’t have to give so much personal info to receive the RSS feed! I subscribe to a LOT of blogs that I read regularly – it’s like my own personalized newspaper.

    I would have subscribed and would be reading your blog regularly via Google Reader, but I see NO REASON that you need my home mailing address and just so I can get your feed. To me, this suggests that as soon as I sign up, I will be bombarded with junk mail. I get enough of that as it is… no thanks!

    Since I read blogs through Reader, you won’t be seeing my hits in your site traffic, either. I can’t be bothered to go check in on blogs that I can’t get a feed from – I use the feeds to let me know that something new or of interest has been posted.

  2. William Walker

    I’m wondering how I can continue receiving this but without the inclusion of one particular blogger…Bob Dilfey. He is so polarizing and political that he has many of his audience saying they will cancel their subscriptions. He is very patronizing toward any of his audience who disagree that he includes strong political views in his rv blog.

    I’d like to keep my subscription, but if Dilfey’s blog is included, I’ll cancel too. Thank you.

  3. Jody Fors

    I agree that including small and lightweight is the way to get more subscribers.

  4. @blog admin — While I admit to having been away from RVing for over 2 decades, my wife and I are considering getting back into it, possibly by starting in a tent, but really wanting to start in either a popup or teardrop. I’ve done a fair amount of research and constantly look to see what’s new. As such, I’ve learned about the r*Pod, now marketed as direct competition to the T@B teardrop.

    I would be willing to work with any of your bloggers in the course of our decision-making, purchase and beginning the RV hobby all over again. Feel free to email me directly if I can assist.

  5. There is a “Close” text link in the lower left corner of the pop-up. Depending on your screen resolution, you may need to scroll down on the pop-up in order to view it.

  6. John Shelton

    Perhaps a compromise could satisfy everyone. (No, everyone will never be satisfied, but almost everybody usually can) I don’t know computer programming, but can you not simply place a “close” button into the popup? If one is already a member or just stumbled onto the site with no interest in joining, they can just click the red X (that you would place) on the top right corner and not have to do a full refresh of the website. This way one can have their cookies and eat them, too.

    Popups that interfere with ones intended browsing tend to turn one off from the site that throws popups at them, rather than endear them to the site.

  7. Cheryl

    I, too, am extremely annoyed with the pop up. I begin reading an article and then I get a complete page overlay pop up asking me to subscribe.

    I have my cookies enabled, but at the end of every day, I run a cleaner to delete my browsing history, etc.

    Wouldn’t it be enough for you to put a “Please Subscribe” on your home page, instead of bothering present subscribers with this pop up?

    I believe anyone visiting your site, and reading it’s helpful contents, and friendly forums would be happy to subscribe. I don’t believe you need the pop up. This is the only site I’ve encountered this.

    Thank you for taking this into consideration to make your site better.

  8. A. W. W.

    “If you enable cookies for RV.net, then the pop-up will cease.”

    RV Admin, Re: your quote above. I’ve been around computers and computer users for over 25 years, and I can tell you that some will understand what you said here, and some will view this explanation as gibberish (enabling cookies), and will need you to walk them through a more precise explanation to use your site without the annoyance of popups. Otherwise, they’ll do what everyone does with gibberish….ignore it, and move onto something else.

    Some users out here will be able to teach you certain other important techniques on computer useage, but you will need to be more precise in your approach to teach them your technique of how to enable cookies in order to deal with popups on your website. In Scouting, we learned that to get the troop to our campsite, we could hike only as fast as the slowest hiker.

    Why don’t you walk those ‘hikers’ through your process of enabling cookies?

    Kindly, A.W.W.

  9. John Shelton

    So each time we clear our cookie cache, we get this @#$%^ popup again! This explains why it seems to be sporadic. Those who automatically clear cookies each time they close their browser get the popup each time they open rv.net.

  10. Oh, and Vulpine, thanks for your suggestion about having more information related to lighter-weight rigs like pop-ups and teardrops, We’ll pass that information along to our bloggers, and look for a blogger or two who can speak specifically to that subject!

  11. The subscription pop-up is set to display only once per visitor. In order for the site to recognize that you’ve already seen the pop-up, however, your cookies must be enabled.

    If your security settings are such that you don’t allow cookies, then the site cannot recognize you as a returning visitor, and therefore the pop-up will be displayed for you again.

    If you enable cookies for RV.net, then the pop-up will cease.


  12. Jules, John, how about turning off Javascript? Usually stops those little popups.

  13. One thought of interest. 99% of your reviews are on the big Class A motorhomes and the 5,000#+ towables such as 5th Wheelers and other relative heavyweights that require a fuel-burning hog of a truck engine to go anywhere.

    How about putting in some reviews of lighter-weight rigs like tent campers, the TrailManor pop-up or even some of the new old-style teardrops like the T@B and the r*Pod? There’s even some exceptionally lightweight tents and teardrops that are perfect for rough-country and ultralight vehicle towing. After all, not all RVers are full-timers in a Prevost.

  14. John Shelton

    I wish to second Jules’ complaint here. It is counter productive to pester us with impediments to our reading the articles. Along that same vein; why must I state a recipient’s name to forward an article to them. Only the required information should be necessary and additional info such as a personal name left as optional. Their email address is unique, therefore stating their name is unnecessary.

    You say you want exposure, yet you throw unnecessary stumbling blocks in the way!

  15. Jules

    I think the blogs are great – but I have a complaint. I am a subscriber but every time I try to view the blog, I get a popup screen for signing up that won’t let me view the article. I have to refresh to view. Can this be avoided?

    Otherwise, I will happily continue forwarding on the blogs to my friends and family. Keep up the great and informative articles!