Vintage Cushman Scooters

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March 19, 2009

We all have seen what people have stored in their toy box when they travel, but Buster Tankersly takes with him his Cushman vintage collection. Buster shows Stew Oleson his collection of Cushman vehicles and talks about how effective his RV is in towing his automobiles when he hits the open road.

Various Cushman Clubs

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  1. A very enjoyable three minutes. Stew has that love of RVing that always comes through in these posts


  3. Gary Clevenger

    Remember them well. had an Eagle in 1962. I’m sure that tyhey are few and far between to find. Good luck in your searches and hope that you receive great enjoyment. Gary

  4. John Shelton

    Yes, I remember the Cushman scooters from many years ago. They were perhaps somewhat more popular that the more motorcycle looking Mustang cycle that I owned one of during my high school days; but enjoyed their height of popularity during the same time period.

  5. Vicki Perkins

    Yes, I have so many fond memories on the bright orange Cushman Eagle that my Dad bought me when I was 14. I was the only girl in town riding a “motorcycle” and loved every minute of it!!! Wish I had one today to haul on the back of my RV.

  6. What fond memories this brings. I could never afford a Cushman motor scooter when I was a young lad in the mid to late 1940’s. It would make me so happy when my friend would let me take his scooter to my home and keep it a couple of days. Those were the good old days.

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  8. Scooter aficionados often seek out rare or vintage scooters for their classic styling. The popularity of the Vespa scooter, from Italy, reflects this trend, but Julia Turner, in her article on scooters for Slate, cautions against going for a vintage scooter unless you already know what you’re getting yourself into.

  9. james buckley

    We had a three wheel Cushman, two in the front, with a flat bed carrier, and the rear just like the vintage Cushmans you see. It was probably built in the 1940’s. We used to drag a 36″ reel mower behind it to cut the grass. Two speeds forward, neutral and reverse. It had a combination centrifugal/manual clutch. It could be stopped in gear without depressing the clutch. Probably did 20 mph tops. Pretty cool for me, as I started cutting the grass at about 11 years old.

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